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Rajnikant fans wait a bit longer as he puts his political debut on buffer

Rajnikant is one of the most celebrated stars of the country. He is treated like no less than a demigod down south. They have temples dedicated to the man and its government holiday on the release date of his movie. He is on the top no matter what he does. Now, he is set to make his political debut.

His popularity is unparalleled, people have their faith resting in him. While talking to the press he said that he knows what kind of responsibility being a politician brings and he is ready for it. He said that you don’t just need money and fame to succeed in politics, its always much more than that.

Rajni joining some other party is not even a question according to a source. “Being spiritual, Rajini cannot be a Leftist. Not being a hardliner, he cannot be a Rightist too. He will be a centrist as that alone will attract all sections of society,” the source told the Times of India. Which clears the air and assures that Rajni will form his own party.

Rajnikant was expected to make this big announcement on 12th December his birthday. He has not yet made this announcement but he soon will.

Does it mean no or less Rajni movies? Hope not!

I was 16 when Feroze proposed me: Indira Gandhi

Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi was an Indian stateswoman and central figure of the Indian National Congress. She was the first and, to date, the only female Prime Minister of India. There are many aspects of her life that we are not known to. She is known for her powerful personality all over the world.

In an interview, she said,”I was 13-14 years old when I first saw Feroze. When he proposed me I was 16-year old. He continued to propose me till I didn’t agree. Feroz was the only man in my life. I have taken great care of my children and I’ve never let anyone touch them. I have faced many difficulties in my life. I believe that you can share your happiness with others but not agony. You have to handle that alone. I think I have handled myself completely alone.

I could not make any friends because I was so busy with freedom fighting and politics. I never felt like a normal teenager. I had only cousins, who were boys. I had a few female friends in school, but I really hated the gossip. I liked games that included climbing trees.

I never dreamt that I could be the head of the country. Whatever I am is because of my father. People keep learning many things from many people at many stages of life. In the same way, I learnt many things from many people. For me, whoever fought for independence, were my true heroes. I was only 19 when my mother died.”

Bihar Power Shift: Sharad Yadav Is “Unhappy” With Nitish Choosing BJP In The State

After all the power-shift faced by Bihar, Sharad Yadav today broke his silence Nitish Kumar’s stunning the Mahagatbandhan in the state. Sharad Yadav openly states that he whatever happened over the night is unfortunate. Whatever happened is very unfortunate, the mandate by the people was not for this,” the veteran Janata Dal (United) leader told reporters outside Parliament.

Nitish Kumar, who came to the power in Bihar by forming grand alliance naming Mahagatbandhan, ended the 2-year long alliance with Lalu Yadav and the Congress and revived his partnership with BJP.

Upon resigning, the CM of the state on Wednesday said that he felt “suffocated” and referred Lalu Yadav’s son Tejashwi’s refusal to resign as his deputy despite corruption charges.

Many of the Janata Dal (United) leaders went public with their criticism of the swap but Sharad Yadav had till now communicated only through his silence and occasional tweets critical of the BJP-led central government.

After Nitish Kumar parted its way with the opposition and backed central government Presidential candidate Ramnath Kovind, the question began rising in the ranks of the oppositions on whether Sharad Yadav really represented his party.

According to media reports, Sharad Yadav was in touch with the opposition leaders and shared his disapproval of Nitish Kuar reuniting with the BJP.

Critics have suggested that Sharad Yadav, a former union minister, is angling for a cabinet berth in the Modi government and his silence on Nitish Kumar is a bargaining tactic.

On Saturday, Lalu Yadav asked Sharad Yadav to lead an anti-BJP front and then repeated the offer for the cameras. “I appeal to Sharad Yadav-Ji who has been our leader… whom we consider our leader, to come forward and fight the BJP. Take the lead role in this,” he said.

CM Yogi Adityanath keeps the politics aside and saved the money of tax-payers

Yogi Adityanath, the new chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, understands the importance of spending in a sensible manner and he has shown respect to the hard-earned money of tax-payers by taking the decision of distributing school bags which have images of former CM Akhilesh Yadav and SP Supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Nearly 35,000 school bags with images of father-son duo were manufactured just before SP lost the state elections and public of UP gave BJP a chance to rule the state. The decision has been taken, keeping in mind the extra expenditure that will take place if these bags are not distributed and new ones are manufactured with BJP mark. As per officials,

CM Yogi wishes that these bags should reach students before the new academic session starts.

Sources have disclosed that after these bags are distributed, new bags will be manufactured and they won’t contain anybody’s name, as Adityanath has given instructions that from now on, no scheme will be named after any person. On the contrary, “Mukhya Mantri Yojana” or “Uttar Pradesh Yojana” will be printed on the new bags

Undoubtedly, this is a great decision as CM Yogi has shown maturity by giving tax-payers’ money more importance than “political ego.”

However, SP leaders feel that Yogi’s gesture is being overrated and they have a reason behind it too. When Akhilesh government came into power in 2012, they didn’t remove Mayawati’s statues from parks and instead, passed orders to protect them

Wow !! Meet These Bollywood Stars Getting Which Ministry!

How interesting!! if our Bollywood stars taking over the government ministries as per the reel or real life characters, Yes our young shining stars of Bollywood, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, honored with the Lokmat Maharashtrian of the year awards just not that in this award allocation little Einstein Alia  Bhatt and Ranbir decided to allocate the Ministry of Women Empowerment to B-Town queen Kangna Ranaut  in a humorous way . As everyone knows “nepotism” tagged lady Kangna Ranaut, roars when it comes to talking about Women Empowerment.

sounds really interesting!

Moving to the Defence Allocation ‘The DearZindagi‘ actress and the ‘Barfi’ actor dedicated this award to most deserving actor Akshay Kumar.

Recently Akshay Kumar won national award for movie ‘Rustom’, as we all know Mr Khiladi has always been vocal about helping the real heroes of our country.  Alia allocates the finance ministry to Amitabh Bachchan. Just because Big B hosting the TV reality show Kaun Banega  Crorepati.Quite funny!

For Ranbir and Alia, Shahrukh Khan is perfectly fitting in for the Railway Ministry, and the reason behind of his evergreen ‘chaiyya Chaiyya’  dance on the train and the epic DDLJ train scene.

Forever fit looking actor Anil Kapoor is the perfect person for the Health Ministry. At the age of 60, The ‘Jhakkas’ actor can give complex to youngsters of Bollywood and here the suitable allocation for Priyanka Chopra.

When it comes to external affairs, Alia and Ranbir agreed to dedicate this award to ‘Baywatch’ framed Priyanka Chopra, as she made us proud by going global. Moving to the Home ministry, It seems Ranbir and Alia took the sarcasm way and named superstar Hrithik Roshan, as he is always in news for his home affairs.




Hey you! Romeo’s and Juliet’s, You are Welcomed by Delhi

Uttar Pradesh’s Romeos and Juliets are facing greater scrutiny, critics are accusing the state’s week-old BJP government of ‘moral policing’.


The culture of India is one of love and resistance, and star-crossed lovers may find refuge in the nation’s Capital, AAP minister Kapil Mishra said on Saturday.

Speaking of the Mail Today Culture Conclave, he announced that both Romeo and Juliet are welcome in the city and there would be no Mogambo to object, referring to one of Hindi cinema’s best-known villains.

very year when the tourism calendar of the government of India is sent to all countries, there are two places which are always mentioned  Taj Mahal and Khajuraho.

‘One symbolizes divine love and the other material love,’ the city’s tourism and culture minister said. Indian culture is known to embrace dissenting voices, he pointed out.

Delhi is a flexible society. People who invaded and made an attempt to destroy the culture eventually blended in.’ Ghulam Ali is one of those artists whose music is immensely popular among Indian soldiers. His music is without boundaries. Our culture is flexible and convergent.’ The minister compared Indian culture to the voices of Kabir and Maharishi Charvaka known for their anti-norm views.

The Aam Aadmi Party and other critics have accused the ruling BJP at the Centre as well as affiliated groups of trying to muzzle dissent and paint nonconformists as ‘anti-nationals’.

Amid all the criticism for the Centre, the minister did not hold back in appreciating the support he received from the Modi government.

The Uttar Pradesh government’s action has sparked criticism on social media video with commentators terming it an infringement of individual rights with TV footage showing young men being caned by police and others being made to do sit-ups as punishment. The Centre and Delhi government are closely working in tandem to promote tourism and clean the Yamuna.

He surely believes in promoting culture its importance to connect the society with the river. Therefore, he organized a mega Yamuna aarti and are also going to develop river tourism and a `200-crore budget has been earmarked for this year. he has a 22-km stretch of clean water which is still an unexplored point. We have begun water sports. He also will develop a 5-km ecological river front.

The city’s nightlife is an important part of the culture and it’s beyond going to India Gate or nightclubs,  “The nightlife ensures the law and order of a place.”




This UP Official Gave A Hilarious Reply Through Letter To UP Administration For Cleanliness.

What an excuse sir g? the very first line came into my mind when I went through the letter written from Uttar Pradesh Secretariat to the UP Administration.

This letter was drafted on 24th March 2017,  by Virendra Kumar Verma (Admin, Lal Bahadur Shastri bhawan) UP Secretariat addressing the Uttar Pradesh Administraion regarding the mess witnessed by the new CM on his visit.

New CM of UP visited the annexe house (Lal Bahadur Shastri Bhawav) on the very next day of his oath ceremony and becomes the first CM to inspect all the floors of annexe after 1973.  Hemwanti Nandan Bahuguna was the CM of Uttar Pradesh that time in 1973 who priorly inspected the annexe.


Yogi, on his visit finds it all messy & dirty. It was reportedly inappropriate for the place,as, high official like chief secretary, principal secretary and other IAS officials use to work there.

In response to Yogi’s direction to foll Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, today, on 24th March, the annexe admin has replied to the UP administration saying that they don’t carry enough human capital to clean all the office at once.


Adding further, “all the officials of every department are asking for labour as its tough to carry almirah’s full of papers.”

He also mentioned in his letter that “ the Trash contractor is a sag, and sometimes he does not picks up the call. Yesterday, on 23rd March 2017, we asked for 50 trash bags and 4 labour  but he did not fulfilled the desire” he would have cried his heart out, mentioning this torture in his letter.

Can you people believe it that a state like Uttar Pradesh is unable to fulfil the human capital need for its officials . a state with 76% unemployment rate is unable to hire labor its govt. offices.

The government with a budget of 3.46 lakh crore( $51 billion) having such an issue, is a huge shame.

We can not say who’s fault it is, either the previous government, or the irresponsible officials or the “Trash Contractor” , but it is clear that Uttar Pradesh has got a long way to go for Development at every level.

Here is the actual Photo of the letter. Enjoy ..!!


#NLCPadtal: Dear Virender Sehwag and Randeep Hooda, you need to watch this video!

LSR student Gurmehar Kaur, who initiated the media campaign against ABVP in wake of violence that took place in the DU. Some are calling her anti-national, some are making fun 0f her on twitter, people like Virender Sehwag and Randeep Hooda clearly needs to watch this video as well where DUSU President and ABVP activist Satender Awana is openly threatening Delhi University Law Faculty Dean, Ved Kumari in presence of police officers.

Watch the video here:

The video was uploaded on the Internet last month (in January), where Satender Awana is seen openly threatening Ved Kumari and even using some pretty harsh words against her and the bizarre thing is that “it was all happened in presence of Police officers”.

Ved Kumari told about the incident to DNA, she said “They abused me in front of the police and even threatened me with dire consequences if they were not given the admit cards, and police did not even bother to stop them. Also, they destroyed my office property,”

According to DNA, Satender Awana and his team were staged a protest over the detention list of students that was released by the University.

Even some students from LSR also claimed that ABVP activists, backed by DUSU members have been creating ruckus at the campus for the last couple of months over different issues.

Back to the latest topic, the girl named Gurmehar Kaur responds to those who claimed her anti-social via her official facebook handle, she writes;

“Why should I not stand for these 18 year olds and 17-year-olds who got beaten to pulp in the name of nationalism. Yeh nationalism nahi Hota. Nationalism woh Hota Hai – ki apni desh ki constitution ki respect kerna. Apne country mien Khud ki youth ke leye stand Lena. Apni awaaz uthana nationalism Hota hai. Ladke , Ladkiyo, professors ke baal kheechna, unhe Thapar marna, gandi gaaliya dena, laathi charge kerna, 12 baje raat ko unke PG pe raid kerna. YEH NAHI hoti nationalism,” Kaur posted on her Facebook on Saturday evening
In an interview with one news channel, Kaur mentioned that she has received rape threats for calling out ABVP.

Kaur, a native of Jalandhar, had changed her profile picture which now shows her holding a placard and reading: “I am a student from Delhi University. I am not afraid of ABVP. I am not alone. Every student of India is with me. #StudentsAgainstABVP.”

It goes with a status message: “The brutal attack on innocent students by ABVP is very disturbing and should be stopped. It was not an attack on protesters, but an attack on every notion of democracy that is held dear in ever Indian’s heart. It is an attack on ideals, morals, freedom and rights of every person born to this nation. The stones that you pelt hit our bodies, but fail to bruise our ideas. This profile picture is my way of protesting against the tyranny of fear.”

She had also appealed to those who are against ABVP to “take a similar selfie and make it your profile picture. Use the hashtag #StudentsAgainstABVP and copy paste this message along to it.”

Our Take: We usually try to remain neutral on such issues, as cases like Sarabjit Vs Jasleen Kaur but after seeing this video and heard so much from DU students about ABVP Riotous acts we couldn’t resist ourselves and it’s a no-brainer that we side with Gurmehar Kaur here. A student is still a ‘student’ even if he is a DUSU president or a normal one. Hey ABVP, What’s it with your behaviour with females of our country? You openly threaten one female in front of police (mind that you are also mocking the Indian Judiciary system as well) while tagged other as anti-national, just because she doesn’t support and criticise your Hindu agenda?
Basic tenets of ABVP

“ABVP wants to build an ideal student movement which will work in the wider context of National Reconstruction, in the field of education with a firm belief in constructive activity, in the existence of educational community and in the need to stay above partisan politics”.

‘Partisan politics’ are you kidding? If there’s anything you won student elections is only because of your belief in right-wing politics, and we are sure it will not going to change anytime soon.

And, though we know nothing will change in ABVP politics, Least we can do is to request our great sportsman and the great actor to take some time from their busy schedule and ask DUSU students about their views on ABVP organisation, maybe then you will stop mocking the girl on twitter.

By: Saket Sharma

Untold Secret: Coming November 8th Amar Singh would become India’s most sought out politician, but why?

Samajwadi Party member Amar Singh’s political career may have been a roller-coaster ride so far, but if things go according to his plan, he would become the most important politician of India soon. The type of politician, whom our Prime Minister Narendra Modi would love to keep in his pocket. Yes, it may seem far-fetched dream for now, but Amar Singh is all set to make a huge comeback in Indian political fields. And, this will be possible because of Amar Singh close ties with US Democratic National Party Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton.

Recent poll survey from Washington Post, suggests that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is way ahead than her rival Republican nominee Donald Trump, and if the poll numbers turned out to be a results in November 8th 2016, Hillary Clinton will become 45th US President and 1st Lady President of United States. At that point, Our Prime minister Narendra Modi would probably be looking for someone who has close ties with Hillary, like he has with current US President Barack Obama. The person, who would probably be on top of his list, is none other than Samajwadi Party member Amar Singh. Political Pundits believes that Amar Singh would probably play a bigger than expected role in India-United States relationship if Hillary Clinton became the US President.


It’s a well known fact that Amar Singh has close ties with Clintons, and we are not talking about their political relations. Bill Clinton first met Amar Singh in 2005 through Sant Singh Chatal, an Indian-American businessman who generated millions of dollars for the foundation. According to Clinton Cash, Amar Singh donated around 5 million in Clinton Foundation in 2008. Donation came as he travelled to the US to lobby then-Senator Hillary Clinton to vote for allowing US nuclear technology to be sold to India. Based on Amar Singh’s public disclosure documents, the donation was between 20 per cent of his entire net worth. Though, Amar Singh later admitted that the money wasn’t his – he merely ‘facilitated’ it – but it’s still not clear whose cash went to the Clinton Foundation. Even, Clinton rival Donald Trump questioned Singh’s close ties with Clinton Foundation and the amount of cash he donated in the organisation,

Other Indian Leaders who has close ties with Clinton’s are congress leaders like Jairam Ramesh, P Chidambaram, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and current Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj. Knowing our Prime Minister, he will never contact congress leaders at any cost and this leaves current Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj, So Modi would probably prefer someone from the outside than someone whom political pundits regards as ‘Hillary Clinton’ to Modi’s ‘Barack Obama’.


Amar Singh would be a safe bet for Modi, Singh need some spotlight at present and would probably have no problem working with Modi. Think of this as the time when Amar Singh was the hottest Celebrity HR for Samajwadi Party and gets a humongous media coverage out of it. Prime Minister NaMo will want him to do the same for him, but this time not for some celebs but for some Clinton’s love towards India.

Time changes for everyone, and we think that Golden times for Amar Singh will come in near future.