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“Ancient Indian Snake Possibly Longer Than School Bus and Weighing Over a Ton Unearthed”

Researchers have unveiled a remarkable discovery of an ancient giant snake in India, potentially surpassing the size of modern-day school buses and weighing up to a staggering ton. Unearthed fossils near a coal mine in the region provided clues to the astonishing dimensions of this prehistoric serpent, estimated to have stretched anywhere from an impressive 36 feet to an astounding 50 feet.

This revelation places the snake in the league of the largest known snakes in history, with its dimensions comparable to that of a colossal serpent that once roamed the lands of present-day Colombia, measuring approximately 42 feet in length.

The serpent, dubbed Vasuki indicus by researchers, inhabited the swampy evergreen forests of western India approximately 47 million years ago.

According to findings published in the journal Scientific Reports, the colossal creature could have weighed an astonishing 2,200 pounds, making it a formidable presence in its ancient habitat. Scientists speculate that Vasuki indicus likely employed a slow-moving predatory strategy, relying on ambush tactics and constriction to subdue its prey.

Coined after the mythical snake king Vasuki, which entwines around the neck of the Hindu deity Shiva, this ancient behemoth offers tantalizing insights into the biodiversity and ecological dynamics of ancient India.

The discovery, spearheaded by researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, underscores the rich paleontological heritage of the Indian subcontinent and sheds light on the remarkable diversity of prehistoric fauna that once roamed its landscapes.

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Author:- Apoorva Arora

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