News Leak Centre (Sometimes abbreviated NLC) is a Media Centre which reveals News Leaks in the public interest. We offer News, Satire, Blogs, and Original Content Covering Politics, Business, Entertainment, Technology, Popular Media, Lifestyle, Culture, Comedy, Healthy Living, Women Interests and International News. Our Team receives leaks, pieces of information from public or private entities, which if they are true and in the public interest, are published after deep research and verification. We are a bunch of journalism enthusiasts working on the ideology of ‘No Fear, No Favor.’ Based in National Capital Region. “Media” these days is becoming less Independent and Far less willing to ask the hard questions about governments and other public and private institutions, this need to be changed. We provide a new model of journalism. Unlike others we don’t believe in doctored content. We believe Institutions will behave more ethically if society will observe closely.

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