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FIR against wink sensation Priya Varrier Registered

The Supreme Court on Friday quashed an FIR lodged in Hyderabad against Malayalam actress Priya Prakash Varrier, who shot to fame following her ‘wink song’ from the film “Oru Addar Love”.

It also barred registration of any further FIR against her in connection with the same controversial song in the film which is still under production.

The complaint was however launched in February and finally, after six months, the case has been dismissed by the Supreme Court. Earlier today the news of the Supreme Court of India quashing the FIR made rounds on the internet. As per the reports, Supreme Court has dismissed the FIR saying that the work of artists, writers, filmmakers should be accepted with maturity and intellectual tolerance.
Quashes FIRs and complaints against actress Priya Varrier and filmmakers of Oru Adaar Love.

Well, with such a statement from Supreme Court might have come as a relief to the entire cast and crew and especially for Priya Prakash Varrier. The young actress became a nationwide sensation after the short clip of her song Manikya Malaraya Poovi from her upcoming film Oru Adaar Love went viral on the social media. The actress rose to popularity and her fans are hooked to her ever since.

Credits: ZoomTv

WATCH: Sikh Cop Shields Muslim Man from Mob Attack in Uttarakhand

An interesting incident came out when the Muslim man was surrounded by an angry, shouting crowd and the cop keeps him close saving him from the crowd.

The video of a Sikh police officer saving a Muslim man from a possible lynch-mob in Uttarakhand is being shared widely on social media.

On Tuesday, the officer, Gagandeep Singh, had responded to alerts about trouble in an area near a prominent temple in Ramnagar, where a group was attacking a Muslim man seen with his Hindu girlfriend.
Ramnagar town is not far from the popular Jim Corbett national park.

The reports surfaced that the pro-Hindu activists started heckling the couple.

In the video, it was seen that the mob started heckling the Muslim man and even slapped him. But, before anything serious could happen, Sub-inspector Gagandeep Singh hugged the Muslim man tightly to save him from being attacked. The mob was heard asking for the ID of the Muslim man during the video as well. The mob was seen criticising Gagandeep Singh for saving the man.

“Pyaar aa raha hai bohot aapko, kis baat ka pyaar kar rahe ho?”, said a man belonging to the mob.

Soon after the mob realised that Gagandeep Singh won’t let the mob attack the man, the mob started yelling “Police prashasan murdabad”.

The couple under attack was taken to the police station, where the woman was handed over to her parents.

Guys, what do you think after watching this video? Do you feel that what the cop did was right or was it wrong? Share your views with us in the below comment section…

Hindus objected sale of a house to Muslim family in posh society in U.P

Nuisance created by religious groups backed by the people in power has created more news this year than ever. The communal thoughts of extremist Hindus have found their voice to be one with the ruling party’s agenda. And that’s made them fearless and unstoppable.

Playing with Hindus and Muslims, polarizing them on the name of religion has a history and it is repeating itself now. The list of things we are not supposed to do is only getting longer. The day is not far when India will remain a democratic country only in the books of history and not civics.

The recent incident which has become news took place in Meerut. A pro-Hindu organization has coined a new term called “Land Jihad”. Bajrang Dal convener for Meerut province, Balraj Dungar said, “There is a sinister strategy by members of the minority community to buy a house in a Hindu-dominated locality. Over time, due to their activities, their Hindu neighbors are compelled to sell their houses to other minority families and move away. In this way the entire neighborhood becomes dominated by that community and there is exodus of Hindus. All this comes under land jihad.”

This statement was made just a day after Bhartiya Janta Party worker kept a Hindu family from selling their house to a Muslim man in Maliwara locality. Jeweler Sanjay Rastogi sold his house which is in a Hindu-dominated area on this Sunday night but BJP worker got the news. Deepak Sharma, city secretary for BJP youth wing said, “We have convinced Rastogi not to allow anyone from the minority community to buy the house.”

What do you call when you’re not free to love whom you want? Eat what you want? Watch what you want? What do you call it if there is no freedom of speech and the creative liberty in zilch?
Is it democracy? or dictatorship?

By – Vivek Kashyap

Tumse na ho payega Chetan Bhagat !!

Whatever Chetan Bhagat does, and he does a lot of things, people are always ready to take his case. But, this time around, the 3 Mistakes of My Life writer made a mistake Tweeple are not forgiving him for.

Recently, Washington Post worded an article with the headline: Is India neglecting the Taj Mahal because it was built by Muslims?

He has such a fortune what matter he does, he ends up getting taught a lesson by the Twitterati.

As was seen recently when he was reprimanded for a grammatical error.

He always thinks to tweet something on twitter timeline to make it a trend, however in the process, he ended up making a little error and gets himself as trend on twitter.

 But what Chetan didn’t saw..err..see that he made a word crime and then after he was trolled by twitteriats.

The writer soon sent out a clarification tweet in which he blamed his phone for the grammatical mishap.

“Rrrrright, ahem, the phone.”

If you ask us, we would say that Chetan basically made 3 mistakes in the process. One, of course, the grammatical error. Two, he tried to troll a troll while doling out an apology. Not cool! And, three, he tried to conduct that poll, in the first place!

Do share your thoughts in the below comment section.

Singapore Braces For First Ever Female President, That Too–A Hijab-Wearing Muslim Woman

Singapore is all set to welcome its first ever female and Muslim President in more than 47 years that too- a hijab-wearing Malay woman named Halimah Yacob. The 63-years-old politician had been Speaker of Singapore Parliament until August this year. She will take over the top post on Thursday as she is the only candidate in the fray.

Singapore gets the first female President without a vote who meets all necessary qualifications for Presidency regulated by Singaporean Election Department. She is set to win the Presidency via a walk-over after been declared the only eligible candidate for the office on 11 September 2017. It was declared that she will be the eight President “shortly after nominations close at noon on Wednesday” on 13 September 2017.

Following the nomination, Yacob said on Monday “I can only say that I promise to do the best that I can serve the people of Singapore and that doesn’t change whether there is an election or no election.” Further, she says “I believe President’s role is to act as a unifying force. Obviously, there is a work that I have to do, but the most important thing for me is I would like Singaporeans to work together with me.”

Halimah Binti Yacob is a Singaporean politician of paternal Indian and maternal Malay descent and she was the ninth Speaker of Parliament, from January 2013 to August 2017. She was the first woman to hold this post in Republic`s history. Halimah is married to Mohammed Abdullah Allabshee, of Arab descent with five children. She did her graduation from the University of Singapore with a law degree.

It’s a defining moment for a country that a hijab wearing women is going to embark her President journey in Singapore.

In Singapore, the Prime Minister is the most powerful political leader and head of the executive who is responsible for running administration, while the President’s role is largely ceremonial. However, the president holds some important responsibilities, such as the ability to block key public-sector appointments, investigate allegations of corruption, and appoint a prime minister.

By: Aviral Nigam

Irfan Pathan Lashed Out For Wearing Rakhi, Troll Army At Work Again.

On Monday, Cricketer Irfan Pathan has posted his photo with a Rakhi on the wrist, wishing his fans ‘Happy Rakshabandhan’ has created a pool of trolls over him.

He is no stranger of being trolled and so this was not the first time. Recently he was trolled on religious grounds for posting a picture with his wife Safa Banj which was named as un-Islamic because she was wearing nail paint and was not covering her arms.

At that time Comments ranged from how Irfan should have asked Safa to cover her face as it is his duty to do the same as a Muslim and as a Pathan.

And this time, when he took Facebook for wishing his fans Rakshabandhan, they lashed out Irfan for celebrating ‘Hindu festival’ being a Muslim.

But some of them applauded it too.

However, the cricketer chose Instagram to hit back to the trolls and conveyed that people should stop this ‘nonsense’.

“Using foul language. Talking each other rudely on basis of religion. It shows nothing but ur own learning which some ppl have gathered in their mind over the years.stop this nonsense of putting each other down,”  wrote Irfan.


By: Simran Dhingra

Bengaluru Hotel Room Denies Room To Married Hindu-Muslim Couple

If we had to pick two adjectives to describe this incident, they would have to be ‘bigoted’ and ‘bizarre’. A hotel in Bengaluru denied a room to a married couple on Tuesday for the unpardonable crime of following two different faiths.

Shafeek Subaida Hakkim and Divya DV, a married couple from Kerala who were in Bengaluru for some work, were refused a room at Olive Residency on Annipuram Main Road in Sudhama Nagar because he’s a Muslim and she’s a Hindu.

Speaking to TNM, Shafeek says that the receptionist at the hotel refused to give them a room after he saw their ID cards.

“He noted the names in the register and then realised that I am a Muslim, while my wife is Hindu. He asked us if we were married as we follow different religions. When I confirmed that we were in fact married, he refused to give us a single room saying that it is not acceptable for a Muslim and a Hindu to stay together,” Shafeek says.

Shafeek says that he then questioned the receptionist as to why his religion should matter for allotting a room, to which he was not given a proper answer.

“The receptionist just kept saying that since I am a Muslim and Divya is a Hindu, he could not give us a room together. It was already 7 am and Divya had an interview at 2 pm. We were helpless and shocked. We could not waste any more time arguing with the man and decided to look for a room in another hotel,” Shafeek says.

“I told the receptionist that I would file a police complaint and yet he refused to budge. We did not have time so we have not filed a complaint with the police yet,” Shafeek says.

The receptionist, for his part, had a strange justification for not allowing an interfaith couple to stay at the property.

When TNM contacted the hotel, the receptionist accepted that he was the person who refused a room to the couple. He also said that he refused to give them a room because the man was a Muslim and the woman was a Hindu.

“His ID said Shafeek, her ID said Divya. That’s why I got suspicious, and I told them I wouldn’t give them a room and sent them away,” the receptionist said.

He further added, “We don’t give rooms to Muslims and Hindus who come together, because what if they go into the room and hang themselves… Why do we need that trouble.”

When asked about why he was worried about suicide, the staffer claimed that such incidents had happened in other lodges in the city.

“I’m not saying they’ll commit suicide because they’re a Hindu-Muslim couple. But ordinarily, in villages, it doesn’t happen. I grew up in a village. There, Hindus don’t get married to Muslim women, and Muslims don’t get married to Hindu women,” he said.

“Also they didn’t have much luggage. They just had one bag each. The man had one bag and the woman had one bag. They didn’t have any large suitcases. That’s why I got suspicious and didn’t give them a room,” he claimed.

(This report was published in The News Minute)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Celebrates Eid, Posted A Heartfelt Video On Facebook

On the auspicious occasion of Eid al-Fitr on Monday, the Internet-savvy Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has extended his greetings to the Muslim Community through a video which already has garnered many likes and comments on Facebook.

This video shows him helping out at the Ramadan food banks in Montreal and Toronto. “The community spirit I felt at Ramadan food banks in Montreal and Toronto reminds us all- no matter our backgrounds, we’re all in this together,” he writes, spreading an important message of inclusivity. He ends his video by wishing everyone a joyous Eid al-Fitr and Eid Mubarak.

Since being shared online yesterday, the video has been viewed over 5.3 million times. This praiseworthy act of the PM has got him a lot of praises from his followers.

Last year, Trudeau broke down in tears as he was reunited with a Syrian refugee he welcome into Canada earlier. He personally welcomed refugees arriving at the airport and was seen handing out winter coats. Later on, he met some of the families who have settled in the country at a restaurant in Toronto.

Vanig Garabedian and his family arrived in the city after fleeing the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo. He described meeting the Prime Minister at the airport and how he felt welcomed into the country after witnessing the horrors of war in his beloved home country.

“When I met the Prime Minister, he said two words: ‘Welcome home’,” Mr. Garabedian told a visibly emotional Mr. Trudeau. “So imagine, you are leaving a war zone, leaving your home and you are welcomed by two words. My memories at that moment went back to Syria before the war, our life and happiness there and the horrible moments we went through during the war. So I felt that I am proud to be here and now, after one year, I am proud to be Canadian as I always will be proud to be Syrian.”

Video Courtsey: CBC News

Mr Trudeau explained his tears: “Being there in the name of all Canadians to welcome people was really important […] witnessing you and your girls walk through the airport towards me was a moment in which I understood just the kind of things we could do as a country and that I can help this country do. You wouldn’t have been walking on Canadian soil that night if I hadn’t said: ‘We can do this together’ and made it done. That, for me, was as strong and clears a reinforcement that I was going to be okay in this job.

“Seeing you here today, I told myself I would not get emotional about this, but it is just a wonderful moment for me but it is also a reflection of what is best about Canada,” he said.

By: Anamika Bhaumik

Sports Hijabs Are Now A Global Fashion Trend!

Nike the famous sportswear brand recently launched sports hijabs, though the reaction was mixed the sports brand is expecting a major turnout from this new ‘Muslim Brand’ clothing line. And, Nike isn’t the first brand to launch sportswear to champion the recently flourish ‘Hijab’ trend. The Recent survey shows that Islamic fashion trend is a rapidly growing industry and expected to cross 488 billion turnouts at the end of 2017.

The history behind Sports Hijab.

The use of sports hijab starts in 2007 International Football Association Board, custodians of the rules of soccer, overturned a 2007 ban that had argued that the hijab was unsafe for sportspersons as it could increase the risk of neck injuries.

By the time of 2012, Muslim athletes wearing the hijab received global attention, the hijab-wearing athletes were standout from the crowd and this gives the small companies chance to crack the ‘Sports Hijab’ trend much before Nike’s pro-hijab- have come in the business.

Islamic Clothing A New And Profitable Business Model.

According to the 2015-2016 State of the Global Islamic Economy Report, Muslim consumers spend an estimated $230bn on clothing, a number that is projected to grow to $327bn by 2019 – larger than the current combined clothing markets of the UK ($107bn), Germany ($99bn) and India ($96bn).

Though overall clothing purchase by Muslim consumers does not directly translate into Islamic fashion. But there are a number of drivers that suggest the modest fashion industry will be growing towards those numbers.

The gross domestic product of countries with a majority Muslim population is projected to grow at an average of 5.4 percent a year compared with the 3.4 percent of Europe and the US over the next few years.

Local entrepreneurs and designers are not the only ones to have jumped on the modest fashion bandwagon. Large international brands such as DKNY, H&M and Uniqlo have all created collections to cater to the Muslim market. More recently D&G unveiled its abaya and hijab collection, causing a stir in the luxury fashion world and setting a precedent other design houses are likely to follow.

Posters In Bareilly Asks Muslims To Leave The Village Or Face The Consequences

Days after the BJP won the landslide victory in the UP elections; posters have appeared in a village in Bareilly district asking Muslim residents to “leave immediately”

More than dozens of posters were seen on the walls in Jianagla village, which was signed by the “Hindus of the village” and with the name of a BJP MP on them.

The posters which carried the message in Hindi asked the Muslims of India to leave the country by the end of the year. With a strongly worded message, the letter threats the Muslims to leave the country or face the wrath in the same way the Muslims are facing in the US. “With BJP in Uttar Pradesh Hindus of the village would do what US President Trump is doing to Muslims in that country” the message reportedly said.

In the recent concluded UP elections, the BJP swept away the seats in Muslim dominant populations where the BSP and SP used to enjoy the power. From all six constituencies in riot-hit Muzaffarnagar to Deoband in Saharanpur, and in Bareilly, Bijnor and Moradabad where Muslims are in majority, the BJP swept the polls.

The police have removed most of the posters in Jianagla and a FIR has been lodged. Five young men from the village have also been picked up for questioning.

Such incidents in the country mock the slogan of PM Narendra Modi “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas.” It also raises the questions on the Narendra Modi-led NDA government the control over the ground workers.