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Sports Hijabs Are Now A Global Fashion Trend!

Nike the famous sportswear brand recently launched sports hijabs, though the reaction was mixed the sports brand is expecting a major turnout from this new ‘Muslim Brand’ clothing line. And, Nike isn’t the first brand to launch sportswear to champion the recently flourish ‘Hijab’ trend. The Recent survey shows that Islamic fashion trend is a rapidly growing industry and expected to cross 488 billion turnouts at the end of 2017.

The history behind Sports Hijab.

The use of sports hijab starts in 2007 International Football Association Board, custodians of the rules of soccer, overturned a 2007 ban that had argued that the hijab was unsafe for sportspersons as it could increase the risk of neck injuries.

By the time of 2012, Muslim athletes wearing the hijab received global attention, the hijab-wearing athletes were standout from the crowd and this gives the small companies chance to crack the ‘Sports Hijab’ trend much before Nike’s pro-hijab- have come in the business.

Islamic Clothing A New And Profitable Business Model.

According to the 2015-2016 State of the Global Islamic Economy Report, Muslim consumers spend an estimated $230bn on clothing, a number that is projected to grow to $327bn by 2019 – larger than the current combined clothing markets of the UK ($107bn), Germany ($99bn) and India ($96bn).

Though overall clothing purchase by Muslim consumers does not directly translate into Islamic fashion. But there are a number of drivers that suggest the modest fashion industry will be growing towards those numbers.

The gross domestic product of countries with a majority Muslim population is projected to grow at an average of 5.4 percent a year compared with the 3.4 percent of Europe and the US over the next few years.

Local entrepreneurs and designers are not the only ones to have jumped on the modest fashion bandwagon. Large international brands such as DKNY, H&M and Uniqlo have all created collections to cater to the Muslim market. More recently D&G unveiled its abaya and hijab collection, causing a stir in the luxury fashion world and setting a precedent other design houses are likely to follow.

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