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WATCH: Sikh Cop Shields Muslim Man from Mob Attack in Uttarakhand

An interesting incident came out when the Muslim man was surrounded by an angry, shouting crowd and the cop keeps him close saving him from the crowd.

The video of a Sikh police officer saving a Muslim man from a possible lynch-mob in Uttarakhand is being shared widely on social media.

On Tuesday, the officer, Gagandeep Singh, had responded to alerts about trouble in an area near a prominent temple in Ramnagar, where a group was attacking a Muslim man seen with his Hindu girlfriend.
Ramnagar town is not far from the popular Jim Corbett national park.

The reports surfaced that the pro-Hindu activists started heckling the couple.

In the video, it was seen that the mob started heckling the Muslim man and even slapped him. But, before anything serious could happen, Sub-inspector Gagandeep Singh hugged the Muslim man tightly to save him from being attacked. The mob was heard asking for the ID of the Muslim man during the video as well. The mob was seen criticising Gagandeep Singh for saving the man.

“Pyaar aa raha hai bohot aapko, kis baat ka pyaar kar rahe ho?”, said a man belonging to the mob.

Soon after the mob realised that Gagandeep Singh won’t let the mob attack the man, the mob started yelling “Police prashasan murdabad”.

The couple under attack was taken to the police station, where the woman was handed over to her parents.

Guys, what do you think after watching this video? Do you feel that what the cop did was right or was it wrong? Share your views with us in the below comment section…

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