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Tumse na ho payega Chetan Bhagat !!

Whatever Chetan Bhagat does, and he does a lot of things, people are always ready to take his case. But, this time around, the 3 Mistakes of My Life writer made a mistake Tweeple are not forgiving him for.

Recently, Washington Post worded an article with the headline: Is India neglecting the Taj Mahal because it was built by Muslims?

He has such a fortune what matter he does, he ends up getting taught a lesson by the Twitterati.

As was seen recently when he was reprimanded for a grammatical error.

He always thinks to tweet something on twitter timeline to make it a trend, however in the process, he ended up making a little error and gets himself as trend on twitter.

 But what Chetan didn’t saw..err..see that he made a word crime and then after he was trolled by twitteriats.

The writer soon sent out a clarification tweet in which he blamed his phone for the grammatical mishap.

“Rrrrright, ahem, the phone.”

If you ask us, we would say that Chetan basically made 3 mistakes in the process. One, of course, the grammatical error. Two, he tried to troll a troll while doling out an apology. Not cool! And, three, he tried to conduct that poll, in the first place!

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