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Hindus objected sale of a house to Muslim family in posh society in U.P

Nuisance created by religious groups backed by the people in power has created more news this year than ever. The communal thoughts of extremist Hindus have found their voice to be one with the ruling party’s agenda. And that’s made them fearless and unstoppable.

Playing with Hindus and Muslims, polarizing them on the name of religion has a history and it is repeating itself now. The list of things we are not supposed to do is only getting longer. The day is not far when India will remain a democratic country only in the books of history and not civics.

The recent incident which has become news took place in Meerut. A pro-Hindu organization has coined a new term called “Land Jihad”. Bajrang Dal convener for Meerut province, Balraj Dungar said, “There is a sinister strategy by members of the minority community to buy a house in a Hindu-dominated locality. Over time, due to their activities, their Hindu neighbors are compelled to sell their houses to other minority families and move away. In this way the entire neighborhood becomes dominated by that community and there is exodus of Hindus. All this comes under land jihad.”

This statement was made just a day after Bhartiya Janta Party worker kept a Hindu family from selling their house to a Muslim man in Maliwara locality. Jeweler Sanjay Rastogi sold his house which is in a Hindu-dominated area on this Sunday night but BJP worker got the news. Deepak Sharma, city secretary for BJP youth wing said, “We have convinced Rastogi not to allow anyone from the minority community to buy the house.”

What do you call when you’re not free to love whom you want? Eat what you want? Watch what you want? What do you call it if there is no freedom of speech and the creative liberty in zilch?
Is it democracy? or dictatorship?

By – Vivek Kashyap

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