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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Celebrates Eid, Posted A Heartfelt Video On Facebook

On the auspicious occasion of Eid al-Fitr on Monday, the Internet-savvy Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has extended his greetings to the Muslim Community through a video which already has garnered many likes and comments on Facebook.

This video shows him helping out at the Ramadan food banks in Montreal and Toronto. “The community spirit I felt at Ramadan food banks in Montreal and Toronto reminds us all- no matter our backgrounds, we’re all in this together,” he writes, spreading an important message of inclusivity. He ends his video by wishing everyone a joyous Eid al-Fitr and Eid Mubarak.

Since being shared online yesterday, the video has been viewed over 5.3 million times. This praiseworthy act of the PM has got him a lot of praises from his followers.

Last year, Trudeau broke down in tears as he was reunited with a Syrian refugee he welcome into Canada earlier. He personally welcomed refugees arriving at the airport and was seen handing out winter coats. Later on, he met some of the families who have settled in the country at a restaurant in Toronto.

Vanig Garabedian and his family arrived in the city after fleeing the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo. He described meeting the Prime Minister at the airport and how he felt welcomed into the country after witnessing the horrors of war in his beloved home country.

“When I met the Prime Minister, he said two words: ‘Welcome home’,” Mr. Garabedian told a visibly emotional Mr. Trudeau. “So imagine, you are leaving a war zone, leaving your home and you are welcomed by two words. My memories at that moment went back to Syria before the war, our life and happiness there and the horrible moments we went through during the war. So I felt that I am proud to be here and now, after one year, I am proud to be Canadian as I always will be proud to be Syrian.”

Video Courtsey: CBC News

Mr Trudeau explained his tears: “Being there in the name of all Canadians to welcome people was really important […] witnessing you and your girls walk through the airport towards me was a moment in which I understood just the kind of things we could do as a country and that I can help this country do. You wouldn’t have been walking on Canadian soil that night if I hadn’t said: ‘We can do this together’ and made it done. That, for me, was as strong and clears a reinforcement that I was going to be okay in this job.

“Seeing you here today, I told myself I would not get emotional about this, but it is just a wonderful moment for me but it is also a reflection of what is best about Canada,” he said.

By: Anamika Bhaumik

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