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Delhi women filed a case against the staff of Pakistan high commission

Delhi women filed a case against the staff of Pakistan high commission

The woman of Delhi had lodged a complaint against the staff of the Pakistani High Commission. The allegation was that the staff touched the woman wrongly in the market. Now India has accused Pakistan’s intelligence agencies that they threatened to file counter complaints against two diplomats. According to the Report, the Indian High Commission in Islamabad sent ‘note verbal’, which explained in detail the incident in the Pakistani capital. Note verbal is an unsigned and less-formal medium of diplomatic communication.

In the ‘note verbal’ sent to the Pakistani Foreign Ministry, “On January 15, at 10 am on the day of going to the World Mart Market in the Diplomatic Enclave at the High Commission, two staff members of this mission followed the staff of the Pakistani agency and they Inquiries about the alleged incident happened with the officials of the Pakistani High Commission in India. They threatened officials that they would respond similarly. “

In the verbal note,  The Ministry is requested to investigate the matter and the concerned agency should be warned that such incident should not happen again. The ministry can share the results of the inquiry with the High Commission. ‘

on January 13, an employee of Pakistan High Commission was taken to Sarojini Nagar Police Station. A woman had accused the employee that she had touched the woman wrongly in a market in south Delhi. According to a senior police officer, the accused employee was left to apologize.

According to sources, on 14 January, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen in Lahore talked of spreading violence and terror in India. The Indian Foreign Ministry is taking an interest in this matter. In a message sent to the Pakistan High Commission by the Ministry of External Affairs, the Ministry of External Affairs said, “The Ministry has lodged a protest against the activities carried out by the militants in Pakistan-administered territory by spreading unrest and terrorism in India.”

Sources reveal that India has told the Pakistani government that it adheres to its international obligations. At the same time, he remembered his promise and banned plotting and terrorists against India in his area.

‘Gurmeet Ram Rahim’ sentenced to life imprisonment in 2002 Journalist murdered case.

‘Gurmeet Ram Rahim’  sentenced to life imprisonment in 2002 Journalist murdered case.

The Special Court of the CBI in pachkula today sentenced four convicts to life imprisonment, including Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim, in the Ram Chandra Chattrapati murder case. Special CBI Judge Jagdeep Singh had convicted the four accused in a murder case on January 11.The court also imposed a fine of Rs 50,000 on the self-styled godman.  The four convicts, including Gurmeet Ram Rahim, were presented through Video Conferencing in Rohtak’s Sunaria Jail.

Ahead of the sentencing of convicted Sacha Sauda sect chief, security was heightened in parts of Haryana and Punjab.The Punjab Police has also taken preventive security measures in the neighbouring state as the sect has lakhs of followers in Bathinda, Mansa and Sangrur.

Ram Rahim’s conviction on August 25, 2017, had led to violence in Panchkula and Sirsa, leaving 41 people dead and over 260 injured. Chhatrapati, who edited a newspaper in Sirsa, was shot five times on October 24, 2002. He died later that year on November 21 in a hospital in New Delhi. Chhatrapati’s son Anshul has demanded capital punishment for the disgraced self-styled godman.

What Is this the whole case?

Journalist Ram Chandra was a Chhatrapati journalist, who brought Ram Rahim’s truth to the whole world. He had published the news of the rape that had happened with two female Sadhus in Sirsa in his newspaper ‘Full Truth’. After this news was published in the newspaper, Ram Rahim’s people used to threaten journalist Ram Chandra Chattrapati. In spite of these threats, journalist Ram Chandra Chhatrapati has been writing against fearlessly against Ram Rahim. After this, on October 24, 2002, journalist Chattrapati was frozen and murdered by some unknown people with bullets outside his house. After the father’s death, his son Anshul continued to wander in the place of justice, but eventually the matter has now been decided in the court.

Major fire break out at Kumbh Mela Venue – Prayagraj


Fire broke out in a tent at the Digambar Ani Akhara at the Kumb mela place when a cylinder exploded triggering a massive fire on Monday, said police officials.

The fire broke a day before the Kumb mela officially opens. Superintendent of police Sangam Purnendu Singh said that there no casualties was reported in the fire.

“SP Security, Prayagraj: fire has been contained and the area is being cleared now. There has been no loss of life or injuries”, ANI tweeted.

Fire fighters rushed to the venue when they got the message, fire was put off later. There was no reports of any one being injured, Bhaskar Mishra, Akhara police station inspector told PTI.

What..!! A Man arrested over I Love you messages written on walls

What..!! A Man arrested over I Love You messages written on walls

A 50-year-old chartered accountant has been arrested in Chembur, Maharashtra’s capital Mumbai, for his “artwork”. The accused, Ketan Shah, repeatedly wrote a message on the different walls of the city in the name of a girl, due to which the girl lodged a complaint against him. Earlier, the police followed this person, who wrote the message/painting secretly for a few days, then arrested him by tracking the information of his car.

Ketan has alleged that he wrote a message to the girl about the many signboards, the Metro Project Barriers, the walls and the things found around the road. At first nobody gave any attention to these messages, but when the woman’s home was written ‘I Love You’, the woman filed a complaint. The woman filed a complaint in Tilak Nagar police station in December that all the messages of this type are being written, they are all for them.

Sunil Kale, who is investigating the case, says, ‘The woman told that someone is writing her name everywhere. This case came in hold, when the name was written out of his house. Six places were painted and the message was similar. Then we took help from our informers. We came to know that a man comes by SUV car and writes something on the wall. ‘

After receiving this kind of information, when the police discovered CCTV footage, Ketan Shah appeared in that video only at the stated time. Now the police had got enough evidence. In the inquiry, Ketan admitted that he had written all these messages only. He said, ‘I love the girl. When I came to know that my messages are being followed, then I wrote the names of other girls to confuse the police. ‘

Four smugglers arrested at Delhi Airport with 4kg Gold

Four smugglers arrested at Delhi Airport with 4kg Gold

Four men including a South Korean were arrested in Delhi airport by the officials where they were trying to smuggle Rs. 2.6 Crore worth gold. According to the report given by the officials on Wednesday, their were three separate cases filed.

First case was the one when a person came from Seoul to Delhi, while personal and baggage checking, 4 kg of gold was found hidden in a custom-made zipper belt. The value of the gold was found out to be Rs. 1.26 Crore. The man was immediately arrested and the gold was seized.

Two men on the same day came from Dubai, while checking their personal and baggage officials again found two cylindrical gold rods and gold granules, weighing 2.6 kg worth Rs. 84.12 lakh.

Third case was filed against a man from Riyadh on Tuesday from whom the officials recovered 15 gold bars of foreign origin, weighing 1.7kg with a value of Rs. 55.29 lakh has been seized. “The total amount of gold seized is Rs. 2.65 crore”, an official said.

Two people arrested for smuggling Pangolin a highly endangered Animal in Mumbai

Two people arrested for smuggling Pangolin a highly endangered Animal in Mumbai.

Two men were arrested by the Thane Central Crime Unit on Tuesday when they tried to sell Pangolin, a highly endagered animal. They came to Thane from Palghar to sell the animal. Investigation is still going on to find out from where they got the animal.

The police officials got information from an anonymous source
telling that two men are comin to Thane to sell an endangered animal. The police set up a trap on Mumbra-Panvel Road to arrest those men.

“we caught two people, one is identified as Sagar Maruti Pawar, 33, and Abdul Jalil Yunus Mahmrut, 54, both from Palghar. When we searched them, we found a bag in which Pangolin was wrapped with a cloth”, said Dipak Deoraj, Deputy commissioner of police(DCP) Thane.

He further added that they are investigating the case to find out the racket which seems to be a big one, they have also alerted the forest department regarding the issue.

Alas! An NGO official put chili powder in a girl private Part as a punishment

Alas! An NGO official put chili powder in a girl private Part as a punishment.

On Friday, the Delhi Commission of Women(DCW) found cases of sexual abuse and unhygienic conditions when they had a surprise inspection at a shelter home for girls run by an NGO located in southwest Delhi’s Dharma region.

DCW said that the staffs abused the girl by forcing them to do all household chores like cooking, cleaning rooms and toilets. If a girl was unable to finish the task, then she was punished by putting chilly powder in her private parts.

“The older girls in the shelter said that the staffs made them to do all household chores because they were short of domestic staff. They were also asked to take care of the younger girls”, the DCW said.

In a statement, they further said that the home has girls between the age of 6 to 15. Other punishments includes beating with scale for not cleaning a room properly. The girls were also not allowed to visit their home in summer and winter breaks.

The commission has informed this matter to the Delhi government’s women and child department and is set to have an inquiry for this issue.

ONE TERRORIST KILLED, two AK-47 and ammunition buried underground recovered in Pulwama

ONE TERRORIST KILLED, two AK-47 and ammunition buried underground recovered in Pulwama

On Friday, another open fire among security forces and terrorists took place in Awantipora in Pulwama. Security forces were carrying out search and cordon operation after they received information of 2-3 terrorists are hiding at that place, that is when the encounter took place.

One terrorist was killed in the encounter while two others were able to escape. According to a report, the terrorists belong to Jaish-e-Mohammed. “Low-intensity blast at a bus stand in Jammu earlier today. No casualities of injuries have been reported”, ANI tweeted.

In Samba Sector of Jammu, Indian Army recovered two AK-47 and ammunition buried underground on the night of 28-29 December.

Arun Kumar, a YouTuber at day and Burglar at night

Arun Kumar, a YouTuber at day and Burglar at nigh

Arun Kumar, a youtuber who used to dance and upload videos of his dance on youtube has now been caught by the police in New Delhi for heading a gang of eight burglars. During day time, he used to earn money through those videos and at night burgled many houses.

He and his seven partners used to decide a house in the day and at night they used to ransack it. Everyone in the gang had a particular role to play – one was an expert driver, one was a locksmith who can break any kind of locks within 5 minutes, two-three men were incharge to ransack the house while the rest would stay out to guard.

They used Chinese phones which can also be used as walkie-talkies. The police caught them when they went to burgle a house at Jangpura Extension. “we have recovered gold and diamond jewellery worth Rs 10 lakh, a SUV, Chevrolet Beat car and a bike”, said DCP Chinmoy Biswal, southeast Delhi. 



National Investigation Agency digs out the whole route and the people involved in making rocket for ISIS terrorist attacks. The list includes 10 people:

Mufti Mohd Suhail alias Hazrath (29): the mastermind and chief of the group, he is a resident of Amroha and worked as a mufti at a madrasa at Hakim Mahtab Uddin Hashmi Road. He recently moved to Jafrabad and according to NIA, he was the person who came in contact with a foreign handler on the internet and then communicated in Telegram. He was like an instructor in the group who would make the people understand others and assign tasks to other members.

Anas Yunus(24): Anas is studying civil engineering at Amity University, Noida. He was assigned to look for the manufacturing and functioning of electrical items, alarm clocks and batteries etc. he is a resident of Jafrabad.

Rashid Zafar Raq alias Zafar(23): He is a resident of Jafrabad and is into a garment business. He was assigned to arrange for 134 SIM cards. “his friend owns a mobile/SIM card shop”, said an officer.

Saeed(28) and Raees(30): these two brothers run a welding shop in Amroha. This is the place from where the rocket launcher was manufactured which is now been recovered by NIA. There they also recovered approximately 25 Kg of gunpowder.

Zubair Malik(20) and Zaid Malik(22): a final year BA student at Delhi University, Zubair with his brother Zaid stole gold worth Rs 7 lakh from their home and sold it to a woman in Lucknow. The money was used to work out the whole plan.

Saqib Iftekar(26): an Islamic preach who works as an imam in Jama Masjid, Baksar.”He helped the mastermind Suhail in procuring weapons”, according to the NIA statement.

Mohd Irshad(27): works as an auto-driver in Amroha, he was the person to find places where these materials used for making IEDs and bombs can be hidden(acc. to a report presented by NIA)

Mohd Azam(35): A resident of Gashi Mendu in Delhi. According to NIA, Azam runs a medical shop and helped the mastermind in arranging weapons.