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“Convicted Rapist and Murderer of Toddler in 2018 Gurugram Case Sentenced to Death at 28 Years Old”

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On Wednesday, a 28-year-old man has been given death penalty on a court session for raping and murdering of a three-year-old girl after abducting her when she stepped out of the ‘bhandara’ organized in a temple in Sector-66 nearly five years ago.

However, accused Sunil was arrested nearly eight days after the crime from Uttar Pradesh. The incident had occurred on November 11, 2018. As per the, special-fast-track court judge Shashi Chauhan pronounced him guilty for the particular case.

The court handed him over the death sentence under the Section 376AB(committing rape on a women under 12 years of age) and 303(murder) under the Indian Penal Code and imposed a total penalty of Rs25,000 on him.

According to the public prosecutor Dharmendra Rana and other prosecutor applied the POSCO Act on Sunil Kumar Parmar. The court stated that he is terminated under the case of murder and rape against the accuse while determining it ‘rarest of the rare’ case while pronouncing him guilty, while looking at the Nirbhaya case.

What actually happened?

“However, Sunil inserted a wooden wedge in the private part of the girl which was soon recovered after the autopsy. And, after raping her he murdered her by smashing her head with a brick lying nearby”, Rana said in his reports.

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Even in the CCTV footage he was found taking the victim girl away from the spot where the incident happened and then returning after 20 mins without her which is the clinching evidence on behalf of Sunil’s trial, Rana added.

According to the police officials, the accused persuade the victim by giving her chocolate and then took her to an abandoned place. There he raped her and murdered her and at the end he covered her face with a plastic bag after murdering her. The body was found the next day when a missing complain was filled by the father in Sector-65 police station.

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