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“Prime Minister Modi Engages in Langar Seva at Patna Sahib Gurdwara, Emphasizing the Central Role of ‘Seva’ in Sikhism”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on a visit to Takhat Sri Harimandir Ji Patna Sahib in Bihar’s Patna on Monday, marking a significant gesture of reverence and service. Upon his arrival at the holy site, Prime Minister Modi actively participated in serving langar to the devotees, underscoring the importance of selfless service or ‘Seva’ in Sikhism.

The visit was conducted amidst meticulous security arrangements. At the Darbar Sahib, the birthplace of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the Prime Minister paid his respects, engaged in Ardaas, and immersed himself in Live Kirtan.

During his visit, he also had the opportunity to behold the rare ‘shastras’ (weapons) associated with Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Takhat Sri Patna Sahib, also known as Takhat Sri Harimandir Ji, holds immense significance as one of the five takhats of the Sikh community, situated in the capital city of Bihar.

Commissioned by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the 18th century, the construction of this takhat commemorates the birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who was born in Patna in 1666 before later relocating to Anandpur Sahib.

As part of his visit, Prime Minister Modi engaged in the ceremonial waving of Chaur Sahib and participated in the recitation of “Sarbat Da Bhala.” Additionally, he partook in ‘karah prasad’ and made a digital payment for the same.

Reflecting on his experience, the Prime Minister emphasized the foundational principles of Sikhism, rooted in equality, justice, and compassion, with ‘Seva’ occupying a central position. Sharing insights from his visit on social media, Prime Minister Modi reiterated the profound significance of service, expressing gratitude for the humbling and enriching experience.

Notably, this visit followed the Prime Minister’s spirited roadshow in the state capital, making him the first sitting Prime Minister to conduct such an event in Bihar. Subsequently, PM Modi proceeded to address election rallies in support of NDA nominees in Hajipur, Muzaffarpur, and Saran on the same day, further underlining the political and communal significance of his visit to Patna Sahib.

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Author:- Apoorva Arora

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