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Farmers Temporarily Suspend March, Set Deadline of February 29 for Action on Demands

Image Source:- NDTV

The ‘Delhi Chalo’ march has taken a break, where the farmers on one hand crave for their rights on the other hand they protest for filling a complain on the recent death of the young farmer protestors. One and the most important demands of MSP and everyone is confused about it. Dr. M.S. Swaminathan submitted his report in 2006 where he said, “one of my main recommendations of commission is to implement MSP which should be at least 50% more than the weighted average cost of production” whereas this recommendation did not incorporated in the National policy for Framers 2007.

On the other hand, groups leading the protests of farmers have decided to extent their pause on marching to the National Capital till February, 29. As per now, they have turned there focus to the death of a the protestor earlier this week, followed by saying they will not allow an autopsy or the cremation of the 21-year-old Shub Karan till the Punjab Police file a case against police of Haryana.

However, the family of Shubh Karan Singh has also rejected the Rs 1 crore offered by the Punjab Government over his death until the first information report (FIR) is registered, and the farmer unions said that there will be “no talk” on this matter with the government until police case is registered. But the actual question arises is will Shubh Karan Singh get justice?

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The family of Shubh Karan Singh also rejected the ₹1 crore compensation offered by the Punjab government over his death until a first information report (FIR) was registered, and the farmer unions said there can be “no talks” with the government over the agitation itself until the police case is made.

“The current status of the march ‘Delhi Chalo’ will resume once the grand martyr status of the deceased farmer Shubh Karan Singh is acceded to and a complain is lodged against the Haryana Police,” Sarwan Singh Pandher, the former leader of Kisan Mazdoor Sangh Committee (KMSC).

Officials in Punjab and Haryana separately said they were trying to determine under whose jurisdiction the case should fall, with both sides reopening land records to study the wheat fields where Singh sustained the injuries that eventually claimed his life.

While asking to the Punjab Police about the details where they have determined the jurisdiction to be, but they refuse to give any answer. But according to a Punjab Police officer in Patiala said, the spot where Shubh Karan Singh was injured lay within the jurisdiction of Jind, Haryana.

Farmers from Punjab have been stopped since February 13 at barricades put up by the Haryana government to impede their march to the national capital over a raft of demands, including a legal guarantee for minimum support price (MSP) for crops.

Amidst the ongoing protests, tragedy struck at one of the borders where thousands of farmers had gathered, as Shubh Karan lost his life on Wednesday, allegedly due to a wound inflicted by a rubber bullet fired during a police confrontation. Also Read:- “Punjab Farmer Leaders Call for Murder Case Registration in Khanauri Protester Death”

The incident unfolded as farmers attempted to breach barricades to resume their march towards Delhi, facing off against battalions of police guarding rows of metal and concrete barriers. Despite four rounds of unsuccessful talks between the farmers and the government, including negotiations involving three Union ministers, tensions remained high.

 The farmers demanded justice for Shubh Karan, insisting that an FIR be lodged before his cremation, expressing disdain for monetary compensation and emphasizing the importance of accountability. The Punjab government’s announcement of compensation and a job for Shubh Karan’s sister did little to quell the farmers’ demands, as they pressed for a case to be registered against Haryana police officials involved in the incident.

Additionally, they sought martyr status for Shubh Karan Singh, further underscoring their determination for recognition and justice. Meanwhile, in Delhi, a social activist and managing director of a Sikh trade body petitioned the Supreme Court, condemning the treatment of peaceful farmers and urging intervention to ensure their rights and the removal of blockades at the borders for unhindered movement.

The petition criticized the government’s actions, alleging defamation of the farmers’ intentions and objectives, while advocating for fair and respectful treatment of the protesting cultivators. But at the end the same question arises will he get justice? Will the famers get what they are asking for? Will the compensation of Rs 1 crore bring their son back? There are various questions but the answer remains still ‘no comments’.

Author:- Apoorva Arora

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