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A government hospital in Virudhunagar district some 500 Km from Chennai injected a HIV positive blood into a 24-year-old pregnant woman during a blood transfusion. Three lab technicians have been suspended for showing such horrible irresponsibility.

Two years ago, they failed to inform a donor that he was HIV positive. The government has offered financial compensation and jobs for the woman and her husband. According to the investigation, the man is positive for both HIV and Hepatitis B. He donated his blood at a donation drive by an NGO.

Neither the hospital officials saved his records nor they inform him of the test results. The woman has been put on anti-retro-viral treatment as doctors say that instant detection can help her to live long. But now, both the doctor and family has to wait till the baby’s birth to find if the baby is infected or not.

CBI has termed Jiah Khan murder case as suicide – Know Why

Bollywood actress Jiah Khan was found dead on June 3, 2013. Actor Sooraj Pancholi was arrested after Jiah’s mother filed a complaint against him. Jiah’s mother said that my daughter death wasn’t a suicide but a homicide. After her daughter died, Rabia launched an FIR in the local police station but she didn’t get any kind of justice from their side. Later she asked for CBI to invest this case. As a result of which the local police handed this case to CBI in 2016.

After two years after investigation CBI has submitted its final report. In the report, CBI has termed Jiah’s death as a suicide. CBI said that in order to know that whether Jiah Khan death was a murder or suicide. There was only one clue and those were cameras that were installed in the Jiah’s apartment. CBI added that there was no kind of tampering with the CCTV footage submitted to the CBI. After investigation the whole clip. we have arrived at the conclusion that there no cut, paste, copy or any kind of editing.

Wanted terrorist Riyaz Ahmed has been arrested by Kashmir Police

Kashmir Police has done a great job. A Wanted terrorist Riyaz Ahmed has been arrested by Kashmir Police in Kistwad. From last few months police was getting inputs from its sources that there is an infiltration of some terrorist groups in Chenab Valley. As per the inputs, the Kashmir Police investigated the area and there they found Riyaz Ahmed. He is accused of motivating terrorism among the youth and strayed people.

Tweet Credit: ANI

Gauti to start his 2nd innings in Politics by joining BJP

Yesterday, Gautam Gambhir shocked the nation by announcing his retirement from all formats of cricket. After his retirement, people are eager to know about his 2nd innings of his life. Sources close to NLC on the bet of their anonymity told us that Gautam Gambhir is all set to join BJP to contest 2019 elections. According to earlier speculation, Gauti can contest the election on Delhi Meenakshi Lekhi Lok Sabha Seat. Gauti’s close relations with finance minister Arun Jetli is in the known phenomenon.

Gautam has slammed Delhi government for not taking protective measures to control Air Pollution. He said in a tweet that “Who will pay this fine? Of course me, the taxpayer. I wish I had an option of saying that my tax is not for Delhi CM’s Callouseness”. He said this in a tweet as NGT slaps fine of 25 croreon Delhi Government. Before this tweet Gautam had slammed Delhi Government so many time for not controlling Air Pollution. Gautam’s anti-AAP behaviour shows that he has an active interest in Politics.

A rapist first killed the father and then raped his 18-year old daughter

A 45-year man was hacked to death and then his 18-year old daughter was raped in Sivasnagar district of Assam. Soon after this incident came into the light of villagers. They informed the Police. According to additional SP of Assam, Bolin Deori, the victim was a small farmer who lived in the middle of his paddy field away from the villagers. Deori told that living far from the villagers was the drawback of this family.

Rapist took advantage of this situation and entered their house in the late night. The accused first cut the power supply of the farmer’s house and then he along with three friends entered the house. First, they killed the 45-year old man with an ax and then they raped his daughter. After raping her, the accused hit her hard on the head with a bamboo stick. Additional Superintendent of Police said that every information is based on the statement given by the rape-Victim. The Prime suspect has been identified as Dadu Hussain (32) belongs to the same village and sells fish for living.

A Police Inspector killed due to illegal cattle slaughter violence, know his family reaction

Yesterday a Police Inspector Subhodh Kumar was killed due to illegal cattle slaughter violence in Bulandshahar. Two cases have been filed against accused culprits. One is in the name of slaughterhouse owner and other in the name of people who took part in violence and killed police inspector. A proper investigation has been carrying out in this case. As ADG Meerut Prashant Kumar told ANI reporter that Kumar was the investigating officer of 2015 Md. Akhlaq mob lynching case. He added any relation to 2015 Akhlaq case will not be compromised.

UP CM Yogi Adityanath declared the compensation amount of rupees 40 lakhs to Kumar’s wife and the sum of rupees 10 lakhs to Kumar’s parents. Yogi has also promised to give a government job to a kin of Subhodh Kumar but Kumar’s family said that we don’t want money we want Justice. Subodh’s sister said that my brother should be declared Martyr and a memorial should be built on his name. She also added that my brother died because he was investigation Md. Akhlaq case. Abhishek, son of deceased policemen said that my father wanted me to be a good citizen who doesn’t incite violence in the name of religion but see what happened? My father lost his life in Hindu-Muslim violence, tomorrow whose father will lose his life?

Tweet Credit: ANI

Arun Jaitely’s Daughter & Son-In-Law Jayesh Bakshi’s Firm Took Rs 24 lakh from Gitanjali Gems

Mahul Choksi gave the money to the daughter of Finance Minister Jaitley’s daughter, 24 lakhs.

Rajasthan Congress leader Sachin Pilot has made a press conference in Delhi and has fiercely targeted the BJP. Pilot tried to encroach Finance Minister Arun through fraudulent diamond merchant Mehul Choksi, accused of fraud, and said, “Gitanjali James gave Rs 24 lakhs to the legal firm of Sonali Jaitley and son-in-law Jayesh Bakshi, daughter of Arun Jaitley’s daughter.

Pilot said that on February 20 Sonali and Jayesh returned 24 lakh rupees saying that they have not done any work for Mehul. He alleged that Arun Jaitley was already aware of the disappearance of diamond trader Mehul Choksi. It is important that on January 4, 2018, Mehul Choksi had escaped from the country.

This is the second time when the Congress has tried to put Finance Minister Jaitley in the circle of questions. The Congress had alleged that Vijay Mallya had met Arun Jaitley in Parliament before fleeing the country.

The Congress alleged that Finance Minister Jaitley’s daughter Sonali Jaitley and son-in-law Jayesh Bakshi had accepted their relationship in December 2017 from Geetanjali James Limited, a company owned by Mehul Choksi. During this period, Rs 24 lakhs were received by Jaitley and Associates from Sonali Jaitley and Jayesh.

Tooth Treasure- Diversity of Human like species

DNA retrieved from a child’s worn-down fossil tooth shows an Ancient connection of Denisovans, our extinct cousins from the Neanderthal, which is according to the study is providing an insight into our Ancestors and our evolution.

Scientists discovered the worn baby tooth in 1984 when they were exploring the Denisova Cave in the Altai Mountains. Its origin were a mystery but recent DNA analysis showed that it belongs to a species of extinct cousin of Neanderthals also known as Denisovans.

They found that the child lived 100,000 years ago and the tooth is at least 20,000 years older than the oldest of the three previously discovered Denisovan fossils. The scientists said the four fossil individuals attributed to the ancient population displayed relativelt low levels of diversity when compared to Neanderthals.

The DNA results were compared with that of the three other Denisovans to find out exactly when the child lived. it also includes 10 Neanderthals, five ancient humans, a chimp and a 400,000 year old member of Homo genus from Spain.

Slon of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany drilled into the tooth and he finally extracted a complete set of mitochondrial DNA, which passes from mother to Child.

These findings will show the diversity of alike human species that once inhabited Earth at the same time.

When You Next Time Fat Sham A Police Man. Remember This!!

Shobha Dey’s tweet trolling the obese policeman, Daulatram Jogawat, irked many on the internet and was successful in bringing the police Health into the limelight. Right after the tweet goes viral; everyone is trolling the police department and their health standards. But, N.L.C. media went into the depth of the issue and managed to find out the factors affecting the health of our saviours.

When N.L.C. spoke to S.P Special Task Force (STF, Noida) Rajeev Narayan Mishra, he said that various camps are organised for the regular health checkup for the police force, which is organised on quarterly and annually. However, no regularity for the health checkup camps was confirmed by him.

S.P (S.T.F) also mentioned that they have directions for a regular drill, or, we can say “Parade”, on a daily basis, but irregular duty schedule is an obstruction in the way of fulfilling the directions. Self-care for health is a basic necessity for the Police department, keeping in mind the abnormal duty hours.

We all are familiar with police patrolling during odd hours, whether it’s summer or winter or rain, we always see a police vehicle round the clock working for us. The odd working hours, and the untimely routine of police had lead to a hormonal disbalance, which is a major factor influencing the obesity in the human being.

When N.L.C spoke with two fitness trainers, Harish Joshi and Abhishek Chaudhary says “Till now, we don’t have any police personnel in our centre for the health fitness.” Adding further, they say, “The irregular routine, abnormal meal timings and an unbalanced diet can lead to obesity.”

“Fat travels in a definitive manner,” He says, “It travels from our stomach to hips and all the way to a whole body.”

Abhishek Chaudhary also mentioned that stress and alcohol are other major factors which can turn us fat, really fat. Both of these factors may lead to hormonal imbalance which ultimately results in fat.

We all are familiar with the working conditions and lifestyle of policemen, so, in such cases, obesity doesn’t really seem to be a big issue.

When we had a word with Ram Mohan Sharma (R.I. Aligarh), he says, “Our government organises training camps for all the working policemen.” He further says, “Camps are regularly organised on annual basis. Policemen are sent to such camps for physical training, but what can be done with such working hours and stressful working environment.”

Adding further, he says, “A sound mind and sound body compliments each other. A stressful mind can’t suggest sound ideas, and hence can’t contrast a sound body.” How can policemen get a time for exercise in such a pressure job combined with high working time?” He questions

When N.L.C. went through the facts, we find out some astonishing figures. India can grant only 119 policemen to every 1lakh citizens of it. This is clearly an alarming figure, and our government should take care of. This list was topped by the United Kingdom, where they grant 1,754 policemen for 1lak citizens.

Maybe, these figures are enough for us to state the stress level of policemen. Their duty hours are impossible, resisting them to lead a healthy life.

So, from now on we should definitely keep in mind the pressure, stress and working condition of police department before trolling them.

BY: Shubham Sharma

SPG Should Be Held Accountable For Sonia Gandhi’s Injury: Former ADG UP Police

I am surprised at the silence all around. Where are the invesigative journalists, sensation -monger and TRP-seeking channels? Have they been paid to keep quiet. I am referring to the simple issue of Injury to Soniya Gandhi. Why this hush-hush approach? How is it that she was injured so seriously during her road-show that her shoulder is fractured? What were the SPG men doing?

    Were they absent from duty the same way they were absent when Rajiv Gandhi was killed? This is a very serious matter and needs a deep and serious probe. If SPG men were present yet she received this injury it points to two inferences. Firstly, the congress workers and leaders are an indisciplined and brutish lot who do not care for and spare even their top leader, that too a woman. It can be well imagined how they treat other leaders and women. God save Priyanka if she joins active congress stream.

    Secondly, and even more sinister is the implication that SPG is a bunch of incompetent men who cannot protect anybody. Regarding the congress workers Soniya Gandhi may decide whether to take any action or not but regarding SPG the nation would like to know the facts and the govt must institute an enquiry. Or is there another angle to the story? The nation should be clear about the facts.
    Manoj Kumar is Former ADG UP police who has raised this Question