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Jaipur Express Terror Attack: Is Hindi news phobia turning people into radical Hindu/Muslim?

A heart-wrenching incidence took place in Jaipur Express where an RPF (Railway Police Force) personnel shot three people (one his supoorting staff and three muslims) while they were on their way in train. The concrete reason behind the incidence is yet to be revealed but if believed upon people’s opinion then it is a brain washed attack on muslim community.

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Victim Asgar Ahmad Sheikh’s neighbour said that, “Asgar was on his way to Mumbai in search for employment, he has five childrens all below age of 12, his death is unbearable shock to his family.”

“Hindustan Mein Rehna Hai to Yogi-Modi Kehna Hai (If you want to live in Hindustan you’ll have to chant Modi-Yogi),”Chetan Singh, the accused in this matter said after killing innocents. The matter started with a heated conversation between Chetan and his supporting staff Tikaram Meena on hindu-muslim issue. The heated conversation comprised of the facts shown on news channels. The conversation between Chetan and ASI Teekaram extented to an extent that chetan killed his own supporting staff and then three muslims.

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