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Retd. Officer daughter gangraped inside a moving car: Know More

A case of gang rape of the daughter of a retired officer resident of Gomtinagar, Lucknow, in a moving car has come to light. After registering a case at Wazirganj police station, the police arrested the three accused and recovered the car. The accused committed the crime by forcibly making the girl drink intoxicating substance and ran away leaving her near Munshi Pulia.

According to DCP West Rahul Raj, the 22-year-old victim is undergoing treatment in the psychiatric department of KGMU. She went there often. During this time, she got acquainted with Satyam Mishra of Madiyav, who worked at a tea shop outside. On December 5, the girl reached there for treatment. After seeing the doctor, she started drinking tea at Satyam’s shop.

During this time her mobile phone got switched off. When the girl told Satyam, he informed Mohd. of Bazarkhala. Got the mobile charging installed in Aslam (driver)’s ambulance. After some time, when the girl asked for her phone, Satyam told that the driver had gone to Daliganj in an ambulance. When Satyam took the girl to Daliganj in an e-rickshaw, she was told that the ambulance was at IT intersection.

When both of them reached there, the tea shop owner Mohd. Suhail and Aslam came there by car. He made Satyam and the girl sit in the car. Everyone reached the dhaba located in Safedabad, Barabanki. Had food there. The accused forcibly made the girl drink intoxicating substance right there. When the girl became drunk, they forced her into the car and blackened her face in the moving car. When she protested, the girl was also beaten.

The case of gang rape of a retired officer’s daughter in a moving car has raised questions on the activeness of the police of two districts. The drunk accused kept driving the car for 20 kilometers from Barabanki to Lucknow and kept on brutalizing the girl. The accused reached Munshi Pulia from Safedabad in Barabanki very comfortably and ran away leaving the girl behind.

Inspector Wazirganj Manoj Kumar Mishra said that the accused – Satyam, Suhail and Aslam had left with the girl in Aslam’s brother’s car on December 5 at seven in the evening. The accused had purchased beer and liquor around Parivartan Chowk. After reaching Safedabad from Barabanki, the accused drank alcohol and ate food in the dhaba. Meanwhile, the girl was forced to drink beer mixed with intoxicants. The accused made the unconscious girl sit in the car and continued to brutalize her.

There are many police stations and police posts in the distance of 20 kilometers from Safedabad to Munshi Pulia. If the police had been active anywhere on the road, the accused who were driving under the influence of alcohol would have been caught immediately. However, the Inspector said that late in the night the accused left the girl near Munshi Pulia and ran away.

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