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Miraculous Awakening: Gujarat Woman Emerges from Coma After 11 Years in Kolkata; Police Facilitate Reunion with Family

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A woman got missing from Panchmahal, Godhra district of Gujarat, woke up from coma after 11 years in Kolkata. She managed to reconnect with her family residing in the remote village of Bhamaiyya, Godhra with the assistance of the police.

Geeta Baria disappeared from here village from 2013, and over time her family lost hope of her return. However, Geeta’s family received a phone call from a mental health institute, Kolkata where she had been in a comatose state.

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The police of Panchmahal district helped Geeta’s family to travel to Kolkata to bring her back to Bhamaiyya, where her children and extended family reside.

Inspector Pravin Ashoda, as quoted by the Indian Express, stated, “The family, accompanied by a police officer, will journey by train to Kolkata on Thursday. The district administration has arranged their travel on humanitarian grounds… Once formalities are completed, they will bring back Geeta Baria to her village.”

On February 10, a doctor from Kolkata’s esteemed Pavlov Institute made a crucial connection with the Panchmahal district police control room, delivering extraordinary news about Geeta, a woman who had miraculously regained consciousness after years in a coma, and now, astonishingly, recalled details of her family.

Reports detailed the collaborative efforts between the hospital and the police, as they swiftly verified the authenticity of Geeta’s memories, particularly regarding her village and family. With meticulous attention to detail, they ensured the accuracy of this crucial information.

Author:- Apoorva Arora

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