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An engineer girl under digital arrest paid 11 lakhs to fraudsters: Know More

The first incident of digital arrest tax fraud has taken place in the city. Cyber ​​fraudsters intimidated the IT engineer girl and forced her to stay alone in the house for eight hours. During this period, the victim was not allowed to talk to family or friends. The accused cheated her of Rs 11.11 lakh by threatening to implicate her in a money laundering case. Cyber ​​crime police station registered a case on the complaint of the girl and started investigating the matter. Police investigation revealed the incident through digital arrest.

IT engineer Sija TA, resident of Dhavalgiri Apartment, Sector-34, had received a call from an unknown number on 13 November. The caller introduced himself as an employee of Telecom Regulatory of India (TRAI). The caller said that a SIM card had been purchased using the girl’s Aadhar card, which was used for money laundering.

She was told that Rs 2 crore had been withdrawn using the SIM. The caller transferred the call citing further investigation. After this, the girl was allegedly threatened and intimidated by making a Skype call, posing as Mumbai Police on one side and Crime Branch and Customs officials on the other.

The girl was kept hostage by monitoring her through Skype call for about eight hours. During this, many types of questions were asked to the girl. Not allowed to talk to anyone. The fraudsters disconnected the call after eight hours of transferring Rs 11.11 lakh to the account. A case in this matter was registered in the cyber crime police station last week. According to Inspector Rita Yadav, in-charge of Cyber ​​​​Crime police station, the fraudsters, wearing police uniform, had scared the girl by making a Skype call.

In digital arrest, someone is monitored through video calling on Skype or other apps from mobile or laptop. He is not allowed to stay away from video calling by intimidation. That is, through video call, the accused is imprisoned in his home or wherever he is. During this period, the victim can neither talk to anyone nor go anywhere.

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