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Swedish Retail Chain IKEA’s Opening Bring Hyderabad To Stand Still

IKEA, the Swedish retail giant opened its first Indian store in Hyderabad on Thursday and going by the madness and enthusiasm among customers, it is already a blockbuster hit.

As the retail giant finally opened its doors for Indian customers, thousands of enthusiastic customers thronged the 400,000 sq feet store, easily the largest single brand outlet the country has seen.

About 40,000 people visited IKEA’s first India store on its opening day in Hyderabad according to a company spokesperson.

The store’s opening saw a stampede-like situation. About 10,000 customers had visited the store by 4 pm but the crowds swelled later as thousands of techies headed to the place while returning home from offices.

“With a huge crowd from across the city thronging the store in the evening, the IKEA staff found it a bit challenging to regulate the entry. There were also a few tense moments when some people tried breaking queues,” Store Manager John Achillea said.

The store in the southern city of Hyderabad is the first of 25 outlets the Swedish furniture giant hopes to open by 2025 across the country of 1.25 billion people.

As the sprawling store has come up in the heart of Hyderabad Information Technology and Engineering Consultancy City (HITEC), majority of the customers were techies.

There was traffic jam in front of the store located in the heart of HITEC City, the hub of information technology. The IKEA employees had to regulate the customers by allowing them in batches.

Patrick Antoni, Deputy CEO, IKEA India, had said on Wednesday that they are expecting an average daily footfall of 30,000 to 35,000.

IKEA welcomed the first customers at the 400,000-square feet facility with loud cheers from company officials and employees, holding Indian and Swedish flags amid loud band and music.

The store was formally inaugurated by Telangana’s Industry Minister K T Rama Rao along with first customer Rajni Venugopal, IKEA Group CEO Jesper Brodin and Sweden’s Ambassador to India Klas Molin.

Hyderabad Suicide Case: Telugu TV Anchor Allegedly Commits Suicide

V6 anchor Radhika Reddy commits suicide and the police has recovered a suicide note from her handbag in which she allegedly stated that she was taking the extreme step due to depression.

An anchor with a news channel in Hyderabad allegedly committed suicide late on Sunday night. Radhika Reddy, 36, jumped off the fifth floor of her apartment building at Hyderabad’s Moosapet.

The police have found a suicide note in Ms Reddy’s bag, which said, “My brain is my enemy.” A case has been filed and an investigation is on.

The Kukatpally Police Station Sub-Inspector Majid told news agency that the V6 News anchor committed suicide shortly after coming back from work.

She died on the spot from a head injury, leg fracture and multiple blunt injuries, ANI quoted Majid as saying.

Radhika has been living with her parents after she divorced her husband about six months ago. She is survived by her 14-year-old son Banu Teja Reddy who is mentally challenged. A Hyderabad-based journalist working for national news channel said Radhika returned home from work after reading the late evening news bulletin. Radhika’s father told local media that he heard a loud noise from outside at around 10.30 pm while he was waiting for his daughter to return. He later realised that she allegedly jumped from the top floor of the building.

A case has been registered at the Kukatpally Police Station and investigation is underway.

For Donald Trump’s Daughter Ivanka, Hyderabad streets to be free of beggars

Worried perhaps of what Ivanka Trump might get to see on Hyderabad’s streets during her visit later this month, the police on Tuesday banned begging on the streets.
During his meeting with President Trump in Washington in June, Modi had invited Ivanka for the GES, which started in 2010. Officials said whether Ivanka will be visiting other cities or not will be known in the coming days as the two sides work out the details of the high-profile visit.

But the biggest surprise came in the form of a written order by Hyderabad police commissioner M Mahendar Reddy, who issued a notification prohibiting begging in the city. Ivanka, advisor and daughter of the United States President Donald Trump, will address a session during the November 28-30 global summit. After the GES gets over, thousands of NRI Telugus will converge in the city for a five-day World Telugu Conference from December 15. Interestingly, the ban order shall be in force from 6 am on Wednesday to 6 am on January 7, 2018.

In the notification, which was issued for the first time in recent times, the commissioner said: Begging alms and also employing children and handicapped for begging in public places and at the main road junctions in the city of Hyderabad by causing inconvenience, annoyance, danger and safety of the vehicular traffic and pedestrians, is prohibited. “They are also employing children and handicapped persons to seek alms at the main junctions of roads. Such acts are causing annoyance and awkwardness by exposing in an indecent manner to divert the attention of the vehicular traffic as well as pedestrians and public, in general, to induce them to give I alms. These acts are dangerous to the safety of the vehicular traffic and public in general,” the notification says.Officials cited Section 144 of CrPc to prohibit begging.

“Any person violating this order shall be able for punishment under Section 188 of the Indian penal code and as per the provisions of Hyderabad City Police Act, 1348 Fasli, TS Prevention of Begging Act, 1977 and J.J. Act 2000,” the officials said.

A similar rule was forced in the city several years ago when the US President Bill Clinton arrived and the municipal authorities shifted beggars away from the road junctions across the city.

India has a public masturbation problem? See this!!

This may sound strange but if you are a woman ask yourself these questions: Do you worry that men in public places will masturbate looking at you, even if you subtly and/or obviously try to avoid it? And whether the desire to avoid being masturbated to is a constant thrum of thought? Did you say yes? God, me too.

But isn’t it strange that while we complain about the strokers, the pokers and the feeler-uppers (sometimes even the flashers), one act of public masturbation is enough for most of us to avoid talking or even thinking about it?

Here we are, in our cramped and nosy households trying to find a quiet spot to do (what my punster middle school friends used to call) khud-khushi and while these men very desperately air their desires.

Is it that much more pleasurable to do it in public? Like eating sandwiches at a picnic as opposed to at home? But we also know that public masturbators needlessly involve us in their picnic so it can’t be pleasure alone.

FYI, cases of public masturbation can be filed under Section 354 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which deals with “assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty”, Section 509 which deals with “gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman”, and/or Section 268, which handles cases of public nuisance.

But nowhere in the IPC or Indian law for that matter, ‘public masturbation’ is listed as a crime. Rashi Vidyasagar, a Mumbai-based criminologist said, that like all sexual crimes, targeting women to masturbate at is also about power, not sex.

Vidyasagar said the picking on strangers to masturbate at makes it easier for these men, unlike say a Harvey Weinstein who found it easier to do it at actors in business meetings.

“There might be an aspect of depersonalization on part of the man since he might not know the woman.” This gives public masturbators a peculiar pleasure. For example, voyeuristic masturbation might make them look at the woman less like a victim until they get caught.

Take the 19 October case of an Uber driver in Hyderabad who allegedly masturbated in the cab while the passenger, Uma Sharma travelled with him to the airport. He kept looking at her through the rearview mirror and masturbated while driving, while she went about talking on the phone or reading texts throughout the journey.

Sharma noticed him masturbating and confronted him. But he nonchalantly asked her “what was wrong?” as though nothing had happened. Sharma screamed, asked him to stop the vehicle and found another one to take her to the airport.

Or the other recent story by a woman about a man masturbating while staring at her niece on a train from Dehradun to Delhi on 1 October. She said, “The niece’s friend filmed the entire incident and informed the woman about what was happening. The man appeared unfazed in spite of knowing that he was being filmed for his crime.”

The woman and her niece must have been astonished before the horror set in when they first realized why exactly he was moving his hand up and down under his blanket, while watching the niece talk to her aunt.

What are men getting out of this? Vidyasagar believes that there is some amount of voyeurism working here. That for the men, not knowing these women and still getting a peek into their lives and imagining them sexually makes it is easier. Easier to not think of these women as victims, or themselves as criminals, until (surprise!) they get caught.

Watch: High on power, Ambati Rayudu slaps senior citizen for objecting rash driving

Known for his temperament, cricketer Ambati Rayudu allegedly manhandled and slapped a senior citizen who reportedly objected to his rash driving. The unpleasant incident took place on Thursday morning, the senior citizen was on his morning walk and Rayudu was on his way to the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, located in Uppal, Hyderabad.

According to onlookers, Rayudu was driving his SUV rashly and was very close to the morning walkers near the stadium. When the senior citizen, who refused to talk to media, advised him to “Dhire Chalao” (drive slow), he got angry, applied brakes and started shouting at him. There was an altercation. Many fellow walkers and onlookers came in support of the senior citizen but, Rayudu allegedly kept abusing him, got out of the car, held the senior citizen by the collar and slapped him. Some youths intervened and pacified Ambati.

One of the fellow walkers captured the entire episode with his mobile camera. The abused senior citizen, who is into fabrication business, was not aware who the guy manhandling him was. He also chose not to lodge any police complaint.

Watch the video here:

Hyderabad’s ‘Wall Of Kindness’ Where Needy Can Take Their Pick Is Making Us All Proud.

The world is full of misery. Poor, hungry people who are struggling to live, struggling to get a morsel to eat. It becomes imperative, for the privileged to lend a helping hand and support them. A small act of kindness can make a huge difference in someone else’s life.

Here is one in the Hyderabad with the motto which appears on the walls: “leave if you do not need” and “take it if you need”

The GHMC has come up with a unique solution for those who want to make a difference in others’ lives, but do not know how to go about doing it. The concept of the Wall of Kindness is simple. Anybody who wishes to donate anything, from clothes to shoes to blankets to books to utensils can leave the stuff on the wall. Whoever has a need for any of the products can just walk up to it and pick it up.

Keeping in mind the number of people who pass by, GHMC Rajendranagar zonal commissioner S Srinivas Reddy and his team selected the two spots at Rajendranagar. Srinivas Reddy is planning to have another two or three such places by June 11th, where people can show their kindness. The concept is expected to be implemented all over the city.



“Those who do not need a set of clothes, or other useful items, can deposit it on these hangers on the Wall of Kindness, and the needy can take whatever they want. Citizens are also depositing books, toys, footwear, utensils and more”, said Mr. Srinivas Reddy, South Zone Commissioner.


Officials are also putting up sheds to ensure that people’s kindness is not dampened by the rain, Considering the rainy season.

By: Simran Dhingra.

Beware! Make Sure You’re Not Eating Plastic Rice

What started as a stray complaint about ‘usage of plastic rice by a hotel’ in Saroornagar three days ago turned into a scary issue here on Tuesday with more such complaints reaching the officials.

Taking a serious note of the growing number of complaints and apprehensions expressed by people, Telangana State Civil Supplies Department swung into action by collecting samples of rice from different suppliers. The samples were sent to the department’s laboratory for analysis on Tuesday night.

Findings of the tests are likely to come today (Wednesday). A Task Force of the Department — comprising four officers and headed by retired police officer Sampath — had collected samples of rice from Kukatpally, Meerpet, Saroornagar and other places.

“We are awaiting the test findings to initiate action. A person, Ashok, approached Meerpet police alleging that the rice he purchased from a miller was made of plastic,” Civil Supplies Commissioner C.V. Anand said. On finding that Ashok purchased rice from Laxmi Rice Mill, the TF team collected the sample of rice from it as well.

Though unconfirmed reports about ‘plastic rice’ had been doing rounds and circulating through social media and WhatsApp for the past few days in the city, the first controversy erupted three days ago when a Telugu TV news channel employee charged that he found plastic rice in the biryani which he purchased from a hotel in Saroornagar. When he went to the hotel for questioning, some persons present there to beat him up badly triggering speculation that it was an attempt to “suppress the plastic rice issue”.

Even as the investigation into his complaint was on, similar complaints emerged on Wednesday. A resident of Nandanavanam Colony, Ashok, and inmates of a boys’ hostel in Ameerpet and another person Chakri of Begum Bazar alleged that the rice they had purchased from different sellers was ‘plastic rice’.

“Some of them claimed that when they hurled the lumps of the cooked plastic rice, they were rebounding. Inmates of the Ameerpet hostel charged that they were served an egg of plastic and it didn’t smell like the original one,” the police said. However, no criminal cases were registered.

(The report was published in The Hindu)

This Drunk Man Jumps Into Enclosure In Hyderabad Zoo To “Shake Hands With Lions”

A lot of people have done crazy stuff while under the influence of alcohol. But it’s not often that people wake up having tried to ‘shake hands with a lion’ the night before.

A 35-year-old man, who had a few too many drinks, climbed into an actual lion’s den at a zoo, reportedly in an attempt to shake “hands” with a king of the jungle.

The man seems relatively calm in the video, shot in May 2016, and amazingly got away without any injuries thanks to the staff at Hyderabad Zoo in India

According to the English Daily, the man wished to ‘shake hands’ with the lion.

Zoo officials told the outlet that: “After the preliminary enquiry, it was found that Mukesh was in an inebriated state and had jumped inside the enclosure to go near the lion. He has been handed over to Bahadurpura Police.”

Hyderabad Cops get the cool jackets to beat summer heat

The scorching sun might not be that much of a threat for the city’s Traffic Police from now on, with the force getting cooling vests here on Monday that would keep the heatwave at bay.

The cooling vests are expected to keep the body temperature six to 12 degrees Celsius lower than the ambient temperature for three to five hours depending on the humidity in the atmosphere.

V Ravinder, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic), said 200 cooling vests/jackets were distributed to Traffic personnel, as part of efforts of the City Police to help its men cope up with the intense heat.

The jacket was simple to use, he said, its catchphrase being “Dip! Squeeze! Wear!!”.

“The uniqueness of the product keeps the person dry even after dipping in water while also keeping the person warm in winter as the product can be used without dipping in water. The product has a wide range of health benefits such as maintaining normal body temperature in extreme heat conditions while neutralising the effects of outside temperature, it keeps in check heart rate elevation, thermal and cardiovascular strain, decreases dehydration, enhances tolerance levels, and decreases rate of exertion,” Ravinder said in a statement here.

The Asian Institute of Nephrology donated the Hyzesst cooling vests as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme.












Birthday Firing lands this man in trouble, watch the video!

Police are on the lookout for a 22-year-old man whose video of firing multiple rounds from his revolver while celebrating his birthday earlier this month went viral. According to Station House Officer of Falaknuma Police Station, Mirza Ibrahim Ali Beig of Jahanuma fired about 12 rounds on May 5 on the occasion of his birthday. The video captured on that day was later shared on social media and soon caught the attention of media and police. The police said the man was a student but also helped his family in managing a school they run.

“We came to know about the video on Monday afternoon. After inquiring into it, we registered a case under Arms Act. Our men are trying to trace the individual who is seen firing those rounds,” said the official P. Yadagiri. According to the official, the weapon used looked like a revolver and Being may have fired about 12 shots but only by questioning him can they learn these details.

According to Additional DCP Babu Rao of the South Zone, said the act was an offence. irrespective of the licence status of the individual. “Even if an individual is a licence-holder, firing in a place with people around is an offence under the Arms Act,” he said.