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Two youngsters made up a bus-stop of 1000 used bottles !

What do we do after using the plastic bottles , either we utilize it for filling water or throw away into the garbage.

But two youths from Hyderabad came out with a  capital idea under the “Recycle India” initiative. Earlier they used to recycles scrap such as tyres and drums to make benches and seats. In two months, they took a unique initiative and constructed a shelter using plastic bottles.

They have  made a bus stop out of used plastic bottles in the Swaroopnagar colony, Uppal, Hyderabad.

As per English Daily, “They used 1,000 one-litre bottles for the bus stop, and each bottle costs us Rs 1.40. The shelter is 8×4 feet and the frame is made of metal,”

“The city is short of bus stops. There is a huge demand for these, but contractors demand exorbitant rates that run into lakhs. Our total cost was around Rs 15,000 and it was a knock-down model, which can be removed, if necessary,” he added.

The whole project was finished within two weeks,  they drilled a longitudinal hole in the bottles and ran a wire rope to tie them up with each other.

The advantage of the bottled shelter was the gap between the bottles that allowed air to flow freely, thus preventing the bus stop from heating up.

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