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Wow! If you are in Hyderabad you can download a movie within seconds.

Downloading a movie or heavy software take hours?  it will be a history now as on Thursday, in a press conference Indian Broadband provider ACT  Fibernet has announced to roll out 1 Gbps internet service in Hyderabad which is a major hub for IT business in country, it will be the first local ISP to do so in the country.

With this move ACT Fibernet has beaten all other ISP giant players .Currently ACT Fibernet claims to be the country’s third biggest ISP.

1 Gpbs is the same speed offered by Google Fiber in selected US cities.

It’ll come with a monthly subscription for Rs. 6,900 (inclusive of taxes), along with a bandwidth cap of 1TB for Uploads and downloads.


For reference, the company’s 100Mbps plans start at Rs. 2,000 ($30) per month with a cap of 250GB, while annual subscriptions to streaming video services Netflix and Hotstar start at Rs. 6,000 ($92) and Rs. 1,200 ($18) respectively.

India which is not known for fastest internet.As per Akamai report on the state of broadband connections, India was ranked 105th, with an average speed of 4.1 Mbps, the lowest in Asia- Pacific.

With the launch of of 1 Gpbs broadband speed by ACT Fibernet , that will definitely give boost to the Digital India’s project and will also help India to improve it’s rank among broadband connections in Asia-Pacific.

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