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The Supreme Court has passed an order where it says that consensual sex between live-in partners cannot be held as a rape charge if the relationship ends and the man fails to marry the woman due to problems beyond his control.

A bench of justices AK Sikri and S Abdul Nazeer said that if live-in partners are having consensual sex out of love under the promise of getting married, then the woman cannot file a case of rape if the relationship breaks.

Cases like those come under the case of breach of promise to marry and not under the case of false promise to marry. “There is a clear distinction between rape and consensual sex. The case should carefully be examined whether the accused actually wanted to marry the woman or was it a false promise to satisfy his lust”, said SC bench.

The bench passed this order after receiving a criminal proceeding against a government doctor in Maharashtra. A nurse of the same hospital filed a complaint against this doctor where she mentioned that she and that doctor were in a live-in relationship after falling in love with him. They even have indulged in a physical relationship under the promise of getting married but the doctor married someone else. 

Due to the cold, a single plane has not yet been taken off from the Delhi airport.

Due to the cold, a single plane has not yet been take off  from the Delhi airport.

On Wednesday, there was relief from shivering in the plains, but snowfall continued in the hills. The result of this is that many states of north India, including Delhi-NCR, were found to see dense fog on Thursday. Not even a single flight was available from Delhi airport till 7.30 am, while 12 trains were delayed. At the same time, the three flights to Delhi airport have also been changed.

Jet Airways has tweeted about weather updates. He wrote – Due to the adverse weather conditions at Delhi airport, our flights coming and going from Delhi have been affected.

Earlier, Delhi’s minimum temperature was 6.5 degrees Celsius. In Kargil minimum temperature of minus 17 was recorded. In Punjab, Rajasthan and Delhi, the minimum temperature has decreased as compared to the previous days. Fog effect has begun to fall on the rail and air traffic. Most trains reaching Delhi are delayed. Time has changed for some trains. Some have been canceled.

On Wednesday, the minimum temperature in Rajasthan came to minus. The temperature of only three cities in the state was above 5 degrees. Fatehpur recorded a temperature of 1.5 degree Celsius and Mount Abu was 4.4 degrees Celsius.

Do you know sunlight rays improves your sleep quality

Do you know sunlight rays improves your sleep quality

We live in a modern world that is bombarded with paranoid messages about how dangerous the sun is. There is so much buzz about the damage that the sun does to your skin. We should remember that the ancient yogis and many other cultures knew how to use the sun to heal all kinds of illnesses and bring about radiant health. Today, scientists have concluded that exposure to the ultraviolet (UV) radiation present in sunlight has both beneficial and detrimental effects on human health.

Hopefully, after reading the following benefits of sun exposure, you will start to appreciate the powerful effect that the sun can have on your health.

1) Vitamin D’

It’s no secret that the sun is one of the richest sources of vitamin D that is essential for good health. By constantly applying sun block creams and lotions on your skin every time you step out of your home, you are depriving yourself of this precious vitamin.Vitamin D is vital for the health and strength of your bones and teeth, to support your immune system, for protection against dementia and aging of the brain, and also for minimizing asthmatic symptoms. You may be surprised to know that it also protects your body against cancer.

2) Improves Sleep Quality

When sunlight hits our eyes, a message is sent to the pineal gland in the brain and production of melatonin (a hormone that makes us drowsy and helps us sleep) is shut down until the sun goes down again. Your body gets a clear signal that it’s no longer night and this helps to maintain a normal circadian rhythm. When it gets dark outside, your body gets the signal again and you feel tired and drowsy at bedtime. Low levels of melatonin production at night due to overproduction during the day has been linked to poor sleep quality, especially in older adults. Ditch the sunglasses early in the morning when you wake up if possible so your body gets the message that it is day and triggers the pineal gland to stop releasing melatonin.

3) Helps in Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease in which red, dry plaques are produced which thicken the skin. It is said that it is a non-curable disease. Light therapy is used for the treatment of psoriasis and is known as phototherapy. The sun is the source of light and therefore, sunlight can help you reduce psoriasis.

4) Weight Loss

the higher your vitamin D levels were before starting a weight reduction plan, the more likely you were to succeed, especially for ditching belly and suggested that older women who don’t get enough vitamin D may be slightly heavier than those who do.

5) Helps to make cheerful

There’s no doubt about it, a little bit of sunshine can make a world of difference in our mood. When it’s dreary and dark, we can feel depressed and lethargic; when it’s a beautiful sunlit day, we’re happier and more energetic. This mood change isn’t only in our imagination. When light enters the eye, it stimulates neurons in the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that influences mood. These nerve impulses travel to the pineal gland, which regulates serotonin, the so-called feel-good hormone that’s linked to mood. On the other hand, when it’s dark, the pineal gland secretes melatonin, a hormone that controls sleep patterns by causing drowsiness.

Revel in the sun’s light and embrace its warmth! Hope you found this article helpful.

Is good looks and accent of speaking all what matters?


There is not even a single day to count where women have not been judged. It might be on the basis of religion, complexion, looks or even slang. We all know ‘first impression is the last impression’. A lot many people think that looks of a woman are what makes up the first impression. No, not at all.

There are few women who might not look attractive but still possess the ability to attract people. Have you ever seen someone like that? The way they speak, approach is highly likeable and grabs the attention of people. But still, there is a whole lot the percentage of women who don’t fall in this category. Those women get trapped in the web of society’s judgement.

Slang is one of such bait of this web. Men judge women on the basis of swearing, if a woman is found using local slang or swearing, it is considered unattractive. Already, a plethora of discrimination is present in the society, this one is like putting fuel to the burner.

Society itself creates a path for people to judge themselves on various different aspects, now linguistic ownership is becoming one of them, great! Men have started having a monopoly is every nook and corner. Even in this 21st century, people still have conserved thoughts but they think they are evolving. It is like the situation of a hamster which keeps rolling the wheel but thinks as if it is running on a field. Men think that women who talk in certain dialects are not appealing. I know swearing is not good manners but if the same is done by men, it is considered cool and attractive. Why?

Even though men may not say it directly but by considering women who swear to be unattractive is indirectly propagating to their belief of discriminating women even on the basis of language. This is ridiculously unfair and men need not show their macho attitude which they usually do on different social platforms through comments and shares which only proves that few men are yet to evolve.


Have you ever wonder your dress colour shows your personality or mood

Every person has that favourite colour they think they look best in but did you know that each colour has a different perception. certain colours can alter your mood, boots your confidence or add excitement to your day.

So let’s find out how people perceive your personality through your colour choice.

1) Black

Everyone loves black because it is very versatile, timeless, and classy. People perceive you as more competent if you are wearing this colour. However, too much black could make you appear unapproachable so embellish it with jewellery or different textures to take the edge off. It’s true that black gives you a naturally slimmer silhouette and can be quite flattering. People who prefer to wear black clothing are ambitious, purposeful but also sensitive. As a rule, they are emotional and easily excitable, although they often try to hide it.

2) Blue

Blue is a colour that represents loyalty, peace, confidence, and success. It is a soothing color that makes people around you feel comfortable. Blue clothing implies loyalty, control, and success making it a great option for job interviews. As psychologists say, the person in blue will become a wonderful parent or an exemplary worker. Calmness and poise are two of the most common qualities found in these types of people.

3) Brown

Brown is the colour of the earth, the colour of something reliable, strong and stable. That’s how people who often wear brown and its shades are perceived by others. Research has shown that the colour brown actually promotes communication between people more than other colours.

4) White

White has the connotation of cleanliness and innocence. Since it is a positive colour, white suggests that you are simple and well-balanced. White is the symbol of freedom, purity, innocence, and simplicity.

5) Red

Red is the colour of passion and power. Red implies you are emotionally intense, whether very passionate or a little aggressive. Red is the colour of romance and has been found to be the most attractive and arousing colour for men.

6) Yellow

Yellow is a colour of fun and happiness. Yellow is an inspiring colour that can help you keep a positive focus. Experts say that shades of yellow in clothing are often used by active, creative and addicted people.

7) Purple

This regal colour shows luxury, sophistication, and wealth. If you are looking for inspiration, wear purple because it draws out a person’s creative side. It is a colour people either love or hate. Wearing it shows that you are very self-assured and confident with yourself and your taste.

8) Green

Green is the easiest colour on the eyes and puts you and the people around you in a good mood. It is a pleasurable and calming colour because it is connected to nature and life. Those who prefer green lead an active, public life, they always live in a good area and they are financially stable. They are also caring, kind and have a soft heart.

9) Orange

Orange always gives an atmosphere a fun party vibe, in addition to being a warm and opportunistic colour. It is also cheerful, creative and attractive. It makes you seem friendly, social, and enthusiastic.

10) Pink

Pink shows a soft, affectionate, and feminine side. Pink implies that the wearer is understanding, sympathetic, but may sometimes imply vulnerability as well. People who love pink are romantic, optimistic and self-righteous. As a rule, they are people who appreciate kindness and comfort above everything else.

11) Grey

Grey is the colour of balance, it is neither dark nor bright. If a person has a lot of grey clothing it usually means they want to remain invisible. Grey and its shades are a symbol of tranquillity, dimensionality, and maturity. Since this is a neutral colour, it is extremely difficult to characterize the person who prefers it. A person who favours grey is someone who does not like to attract attention and tries to maintain neutral.

You can earn upto 1 litre of fuel by using mobile payment, know how

If somebody comes to you and say that using some app you can earn upto 1 litre of fuel. Will you believe it ? if not, then start believing this fact from now. Hindustan Petroleum is offering 1 litre of vehicle fuel for making mobile payment through their app HP Re-fuel app. You can claim this offer by diiferent certain ways.

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First method you can earn free fuel is through making payment of HP gas cylinder by their Re-fuel app. By this method you can earn upto 85-rupees credit score. Second way to earn free fuel is through making the payment at HP petrol pump using Re-fuel app. Through second method you can increase your credit limit to 100-rupees. This offer lasts till 31st of December. For more information visit HP Petroleum official site.

Hindustan Petroleum is offering 1 litre of vehicle fuel for making mobile payment through their app HP Re-fuel app


After DeepVeer wedding PeeCee is all set for her grand Wedding Celebration

After DeepVeer wedding, the next Bollywood Celebrity nuptial in the cue is  Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Nick is a Hollywood singer, composer and songwriter.  Nick has already arrived in Delhi for the four-day Grand Celebration of their wedding from 29th of November till 2nd of December. The four-day long commemoration will start with Sangeet and Mehandi on 29th November. This will be followed by a Cocktail Party on 30th November, Haldi Rashm on 1st of December. Then two ceremonies one in Indian tradition and other in Christian tradition on 2nd of December.

Have a look over twinkling Juhu residence of Priyanka Chopra – 

Priyanka Chopra
PeeCee’s Juhu home Lit-up

Mumbai On A Shoestring Budget


Mumbai is known for being the expensive city in India but there are so many good places where you can stay comfortably at a tight budget. If you are not from the financial capital and wish to visit Mumbai on a shoestring budget, you should definitely read this.

The Backpackers Panda in Colaba is located at a 5 minutes walk from the exuberant Gateway of India.It is not only reasonably priced but clean too. All the dormitories and rooms are air-conditioned and have digital doors and thus are extremely safe.There is also a kitchen available so you can even cook.

Another good hostel to look out for is Zostel.It is located in the suburb of Mumbai in Andheri and is funky, clean, air-conditioned and the staff are friendly. Not only are the doors digitally locked, it also has a kitchen and a cafeteria and organises daily tour to all parts of the city including the slums of Dharavi.

If you are going on a group, the cost effective alternative is the apartments listed on AirBnB. The best part of it is that you and your folks will get the entire apartment to yourself and can even cook dishes of your choice in the kitchen provided. Not only will you experience a feel of home away from home but it is also extremely cheap when clubbed in thus making it affordable for all.

Talking about food, don’t forget to try out at the Yazdani Bakery in Fort which  caters to some really delicious and inexpensive snacks. From bun maskas, fruit cakes and the famous shrewsbury biscuits, this place is an must for some lip-smacking breakfast and afternoon snacks.

The Sassanian Restaurant and Kyani Bakery at Marine Lines will also provide some wholesome snacks including the famous berrypulao.

Taste of Kerala and Hotel Deluxe at Fort also serves some reasonbly priced authentic south Indian thalis including the famous Kerala Parotha.

Also, apart from the famous street food such as vada pav and pav bhaji that are  available everywhere, don’t forget to go to Baghdadi and Bademiya Restaurant at Apollo Bunder in Colaba for some superb non-vegetarian food. A little higher end restaurants are Food Inn, Cafe Mondegar and Leopold Cafe at Colaba Causeway which also serves up some really good food at a better ambience.

And most importantly, don’t forget to take the local trains but not at rush hours (8.30 am -10.30 am and 5pm-8pm).It is not only a cheap mode of transport but you will also get to experience the other side of Mumbai better.

All the addresses of the places mentioned are available online.And instead of booking the hostel from their respective websites, you will find it cheaper to book from the other travel app such as Make My Trip, Agoda and Goibibo. For the apartments available on Airbnb, you have to book through their website.


Dhanteras Trivia


Dhanteras marks the beginning of the celebration of the festival of lights. ‘Dhan’ meaning wealth and ‘teras’ meaning 13th ,where the Goddess of wealth is revered on this day- the Thirteen Day of the lunar month Karthik.

Legends has it that the 16 year old son of King Hima was predicted to die on the 4th day of his marriage from a snake bite. Ancient myth said that the wife distracted the snake by luring it with gold, jewelry and light on the doorway and the prince was eventually saved.

Dhanteras also celebrates the Ayurvedic Physician of the Gods, Dhanvantari, who imparted the wisdom in Ayurveda for the betterment of humankind and suffering of diseases. Because of it, Dhanteras have also been observed as World Ayurveda Day by the Ministry of AYUSH since 2O16.

As a symbolism of warding off evils, houses are whitewash, cleaned and adorned with colourful rangolis and lights. It is also the day women buys gold for immediate and future uses. In lieu of an aged old tradition, the day of Dhanteras is considered a unique time to buy gold considering the belief that buying gold on this day herald a new era for prosperity and growth.

Here’s How To Do Visarjan If You Don’t Stay Near Water Body

Ganesh Chaturthi one festival that is widely celebrated around the country. Although it is known for immersing lord Ganesha’s idol in a water body, the practice has become a threat to the environment. Recently, singer Vishal Dadlani tweeted about the environmental hazards caused by doing visarjan on a water body.

He wrote, “India, don’t immerse Ganpati in the ocean or natural water-bodies. Can’t bear to see half-dissolved idols all over again. Treat Ganesha & Nature with the respect they deserve. Use natural, soluble idols & immerse at home/in tanks built for this. Pl. don’t let this happen again.”

Many devotees do live near a water body and so are unable to do visarjan. Although one might find it disappointing, it is actually a way of choosing a healthier environmental decision. Several Ganesha idols which are made of materials like plaster of Paris are immersed in large water bodies that give off harmful chemicals which threated aqua life and waste clean water.

Though people should take a pledge of going eco-friendly this year if you do immerse idols in a water body, devotees who do not stay near can do this…

While the festival is about chanting Ganpati Bappa Morya and 10 long days of celebrations, several people have to celebrate the festival using clay idols and immersing it in buckets of water at home.