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“Vikrant Massey reveals family legacy: His grandfather acted alongside legends Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand, boasting a prolific career spanning over 200 films.”

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12Th fail blockbuster hit and one of the biggest hit of the box office of 2023, actor Vikrant Massey , said his grandfather had an illustrious acting career, spanning over 200 Hindi films.

Vikrant, who is one of the few who managed to turn up from a television actor to a film actor, maybe he has acquire all his acting skills from his grandfather. He used most of the skills in his advantage to make his luck in television as well as Hindi cinema.

In his interview with Youtuber Samdish Bhatia, talked about his grandfather saying,”Mere dada character, Ravikant Massey, artiste the. He was an actor himself. He was awarded gold medal twice in the All India Dramatic competition by the former President of India, Rajendra Prasad. He worked a lot in Gaiety theatre of Shimla, he worked in the capacity of an actor, director and a producer in theatre. He also worked a full-time job as a manager at a hotel in Shimla.”

“He worked over 200 Hindi films, including ‘Guide’ and ‘Naya Daur’. But, he played peripheral parts, lawyer ban gaye, doctor ban gaye. Aur us zamaane mein actors ko apne props aur costume khud le jana padte the set pe,” the actor added.

However, in the same interview Vikrant revealed the reason behind why he the television industry at the peak time when he was earing Rs 35 Lakhs per month.

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Vikrant continued the interview by saying, “I earned a lot in TV. I bought my first house at the age of 24. But all that regressive content on TV was happening simultaneously and I felt like coming out of the world and trying my luck in cinema. My parents were in shock when I told them I was going to restart in films. I was making a lot of money. At the age of 24, I was earning Rs 35 lakh per month, especially for someone who comes from a middle-class background. I quit TV at the time when I had a Rs 35 lakh per month contract in my hand. I decided to do good work and find peace. My savings got exhausted in a year and then my wife Sheetal (his girlfriend at the time) used to give me pocket money for auditions.”

After achieving notable success in television with acclaimed hits such as ‘Balika Vadhu’ and ‘Qubool’ Vikrant Massey continues to shine in the entertainment industry and acclaimed for the film industry.

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