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Unusual Case Unfolds in Agra as Chewing Tobacco Habit Leads to Divorce

In a peculiar incident in Agra, a woman’s addiction to chewing tobacco has reportedly pushed her marriage to the brink of divorce. Despite consistent disapproval from her husband and in-laws, the wife continued to indulge in her habit clandestinely, adding strain to their relationship.

The distressed husband claims that his wife, upon waking up each morning, would don a veil and proceed to perform household chores while discreetly chewing tobacco. Despite numerous objections and attempts to make her understand, she remained unwilling to change her ways. Frustrated, the husband eventually decided to separate from his wife, who now accuses him of false allegations.

Meanwhile, the wife has leveled serious accusations against her husband, stating that he is involved in illicit relationships with other women in Gujarat, where he supposedly works. Adding to her claims, she alleges that her in-laws resorted to physical abuse when she failed to conceive a child. In response to these allegations, the husband denies any wrongdoing.

The situation has escalated to the point where the wife has been ousted from the household, with both parties now entangled in a bitter dispute. As the case unfolds, the community is left bewildered by the unusual circumstances that have led to the breakdown of this marriage in Agra.

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