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Women Actors Ruling The Roost

Amid the bad news of child marriage, molestation, female infanticide and puberty girls dropping out of schools for lack of toilets and non availability of proper sanitation during periods in the country, atleast, a certain sort of escapist news is from the lofty world of Bollywood.

With news of demi-goddesses ranging from 45 year old Malaika Arora dating 33 year old Arjun Kapoor to our Hollywood export, 36 year old Priyanka Chopra getting hitched in December to American singer Nick Jonas and even to the very recently confirmed news of former Miss Universe, 42 year old Sushmita Sen dating 27  year old Rohman Shawl, gender seems to have hold no bar for dating spouses much younger than themselves.

Whilst Bollywood is most infamous for lower pay to the fairer sex actor vis-a-vis their male counterpart, atleast, things looks upbeat as far as the real relationships of these reel stars are concerned.

A hero-centric film have always been the norm in Bollywood, although, there have been, few and far between, sporadic films that had women as protagonists.

In a deeply rooted patriarchal country, where cinema upholds the torchbearer for pop culture, these new phenomena of older female actors -dating and marrying- much younger actor should set a precedent for their forthcoming films which would , hopefully, catch up as pop culture in the society that have been entrenched for far too long in a norm that has always been of older men marrying much younger women.May the tribe of these female actors grow.

Anup & Jasleen’s Night Dating Party In Bigg Boss House Is Eye Catchy

Anup Jasleen Jodi becomes the most discussed topic in everywhere; either in the ‘BiggBoss’ house or on the internet- outside of the show. This Jodi is creating such buzz that makes the entertainment show ‘Bigg Boss” more entertaining. It has been informed by a special source that this Anup-Jasleen Jodi has been presented in this house in order to draw the kind attention and interest of elder generation towards this show. Their Jodi is very sporting; from household work to any task they have been seeing to perform always as an active participant. Meanwhile, we can see a rise of little arguments in this Bigg Boss house between this guru Anup Jalota and his disciple cum beloved Jasleen regarding a task. Undoubtedly, such a situation just added fuel to everyone’s excitement. Ultimately, it acquires tranquillity for god sake and Big Boss also arranges a dating party for this Jodi.

Bigg Boss 12 has picked momentum and is being loved by viewers now. The show, now, in its third week has picked up the pace and is making headlines for its controversial content. One Jodi that has created quite a lot of ripples both inside and outside the house, is of Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu. The couple, who is dating in real life, has made headlines for their relationship owing to their huge age difference. While Anup is 65 years old, Jasleen is 28. To add more oomph to their romance, Bigg Boss played the perfect mediator and organized for a beautiful and romantic date night. In a video that has gone viral, the two can be seen all decked up for their date. While Jasleen is seen wearing a beautiful gown, Anup is seen in his suit boot avatar. The two then can be seen indulging in a romantic banter. Anup and Jasleen also further danced to a romantic number and hugged each other. The couple spent romantic moments together on the show. Anup even went down on his knees and proposed to Jasleen yet again with a rose.


We come to know that it is not the first time for normal people who become aware of their Jodi, but Jasleen’s friend family circle also become aware until and unless This ‘Bigg Boss’ show has exposed anything. We have been dating each other for the last three and a half years. We usually don’t get time to spend time with each other in the outside world because of our busy schedule, but now with the help of Bigg Boss, we will get to do so. Also, we will get to know if we can stay together forever,” revealed Jasleen.

Before Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas Has Dated All These Foreign Celebs

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas become a successful name to create a buzz from the world of B-town to Hollywood. They have the world media on their heels. They are living up their courtship days and a rumoured engagement under intense media glare but they are still wary of accepting it in so many words. While Priyanka refused to discuss her engagement while speaking about a recent event in Delhi, Nick was more forthcoming at an event to launch his new perfume in the US.

According to Us Weekly, when a fan congratulated the 25-year-old singer on his engagement, he graciously responded,“Thanks, man.” This is the closest the couple has come to acknowledging their relationship after Bharat director Ali Abbas Zafar tweeted about Priyanka’s exit from his film in the ‘Nick of time’ and wished her for her future.

Nick also echoed Priyanka when he said he wants to have a family of his own soon. “[Having a family of my own] is the goal,” the Chains singer told US media, adding, “It’s definitely something that I hope will happen. I am not sure of the exact timeline. But, I need to give my nieces cousins at some point.”

Before Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas Has Dated All These Foreign Celebs. Photos below:

Nick said he is already getting trained for the job. “The best part about being an uncle is that it’s like training wheels. You get to spend time with these young people and have some responsibility, which is nice.” His friend John Varvatos with whom he has launched the perfume added, “He is great with kids. He’s like a magnet to them. They latch right on. It’s amazing. He’s great.”

Priyanka had earlier said, “I am a very live in the today, maximum live in the next two months kind of person. But [in] 10 years, I definitely want to have kids. That is, it’s going to happen in the next 10 years. Well, hopefully, earlier than that. I’m very fond of children and I want to be able to do that.”

Source: msn

Here’s Our Guide To Date Someone Who Haven’t Been In A Relationship Before

Pursuing someone is the easy part, but maintaining the relationship requires conscious effort and some hard work. To the folks who have been in a few relationships here and there, you probably have a good idea of what you’re looking for. You have expectations, boundaries, and an idea of what matters to you, I get it. I’ve been in a few relationships, and although each one failed for different reasons, each one was a lesson. Now I’m faced with a different challenge: being someone who says they don’t know how to be in a relationship. So how do you navigate through a situation where you’re with someone that doesn’t know what being in a committed relationship is like? It’s one thing to date, but it’s a whole different ball game when you’re actually in a committed relationship. Furthermore, defining what is considered a committed relationship is fluid. When first entering a new relationship, it’s important to unpack what the dynamics look like.

This concept is easier said than done. The way you communicate with your partner creates the foundation for how you two will navigate through the difficult times in the relationship. If you are an open book, but they’re more reserved, acknowledge that. Recognize the reasoning behind that. The relationship you have with someone should be designed to make them a better person, not completely change who they are; some get these two statements mixed up. Even the way you communicate can have an impact on the dynamic between you two. If you love talking on the phone, but they prefer to text or chat on Facebook messenger, then figure how you two can find a healthy middle; if relationships were easy, no one would be single.

If you see value in the relationship you have with the person, then things will take time. For folks who have been in many relationships, they might be more open to letting their guard down, but for folks where this is a new concept, they’re still adjusting. Give them time to figure out this transition from being single to in relationship, and even more, from experiencing a little fling relationship to experiencing a serious and committed relationship. Many things adjust when it comes to relationships, so if you’re the type of person that has their life revolve around their relationship, while your partner is the type of person that has their relationship compliment their life instead, then it’s important to understand there may be some boundaries that come with that. You two have nothing but time, so take advantage of that, and stop expecting your partner to get where you are in the relationship overnight. I know what I WANT from my current relationship, but what’s more important is what WE NEED from it.

This little 4-letter word has some weight to it. First and foremost, don’t say you love your partner unless you actually mean it. Secondly, love is measured and defined differently, so be understanding if you and your partner are not on the same wavelength; there’s a chance you’re feeling something strong for your partner and they may not be able to reciprocate that. Also, if you find difficulty in saying it, then show it. If you’re dating a person that has never felt love and/or has never been in love, don’t rush them. Trust that when the time is right, they’ll be able to express how they deeply feel about you. Until then, like I’m doing right now, take the time you have with them to show them how important they are to you. Bring the same value to their life, as they bring value to yours.

5 Things You Will Learn While Dating An Independent Woman

What’s common in Chitra Ramkrishna, Chanda Kochhar, Vinita Bali, Shikha Sharma and Nishi Vasudeva? Think hard. Okay, they’re fierce, vicious and maverick in their field. They are independent and had achieved a point in their life. They didn’t confine themselves within the four walls of the house or follow predefined rules of the society. They broke open the door which was restricting them and now, the world knows them.

In the present time, ‘independent woman’ is a word that is being considered as taboo in most of the Indian parts. From the beginning, a mind is set; a girl would be taking care of the house. Why not the other way round? Why not a male would take care of the house?

Even the TV serials and movies have generalised the ages old theory. And if a woman is shown working, then she would be earning less than her husband. Why is it that we find entertainment in a woman bringing less to the table than her man?

The independent woman is the ultimate #goals, and dating an independent woman is the ultimate #relationshipgoals. Dating an independent woman is like dating an equal partner, rather than dating a girl who is just a piece of arm candy. Here’s what you will find while dating an independent woman.

1. They work hard:

Independent woman works hard to achieve what they want. This, in turn, inculcates a feeling of being practical, strong and supportive in their work ethics. This strong work ethics not only means that they will bring more bacon in the house, this will also resonate in the relationship of the two.

2. They have a clear vision.

The best thing of being an independent woman is a clear mindset towards their goal. They know what they want to achieve in their life and they will get it. With clarity in their mind, they know their path to attaining it. When you date an independent woman, they not only will help you guide through your objectives and ambition, they also will help you in achieving your goals and will encourage you to work hard it.

3. They will challenge you:

Doing the same thing over and over again will make your relationship boring and stagnant to such an extent that you would feel trapped and suffocating. While looking for an ideal partner, you would want someone who would excite you and challenge you (If it doesn’t hurt your male ego) and would bring out the better person in you. While dating an independent woman, they will challenge you to become a stronger, harder and live life to the fullest.

4. They aren’t needy:

What irritates most of the man in a relationship is the constant nudge from your partner. This, however, is a sign of your love towards your partner, but he may not like that text message cropping up again-and-again. Yes, he had taken his lunch. So stop asking him every minute. Well, this would not be the case if you are dating an independent woman. She knows how to stand alone. Of course, she loves you, but she won’t be showing you in this way. They have many other ways to show you the love. They can take their decision for herself and can take care of their business without your help.

5. They get things for themselves:

One big thing which independent woman don’t like is buying them the gifts. They will politely reject it will ask you not to buy them such expensive gifts to them. The independent woman can buy the expensive stuff for themselves. For them, the quantity of the gift doesn’t matter, but the quality does. Sure, it’s a nice idea to buy them a beautiful anniversary gift, but the gift should be something which is sentimental instead of buying them a Diamond necklace. They have the clear mantra; Save the money, spoil us with loyalty.

By: Ananya Pandit

Bebo’s Step Daughter Dating Sonam Kapoor’s Brother

A new love story seems to be cooking in tinsel town and been terming the next happening couple of B-town. The couple we are talking about is Sara Ali Khan and Harshvardhan Kapoor. According to the pictures going viral, these star kids do share something special.

The love affair came into the limelight when Harshvardhan Kapoor shared a picture of his mystery girl with lovely lines dedicating her beauty. The picture featured a mystery girl showing her back to the camera, as she was walking on the beach. Harshvardhan Kapoor shared this picture and wrote, “Find beauty in everyday life and let it inspire you. Don’t forget to capture these frames and mark them as memories forever. You can always use your loved ones as subjects but keep them a mystery nonetheless.”

It seems, in his tweet, he wanted to create a mystery around his special girl but failed, as rumours start building up that the mystery girl is Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan’s Daughter Sara Ali Khan. Following these rumours, Harshvardhan Kapoor took off the picture. That leads to sort of confirmation about the same.

All these stories were yet to be forgotten that a new picture got viral on social Media. Now, this picture suggests that something is surely happening between the young couple. In this picture, we can see Sara Ali Khan having water out of the bottle and Harshvardhan Kapoor is staring at Burgers with love. What a cute young couple they are?

Though rumours were that Harshvardhan Kapoor is dating a ‘good friend’ Rhea Chakraborty. But the latest report narrates a different story. The couple planned to have date away from glamour, lights and camera until paparazzi followed them and clicked their precious moments. In this picture, the duo seems to have no idea of these Paparazzi following them.

Talking about carriers of these two-star kids, Harshvardhan Kapoor has been already into Bollywood, with his debut picture “Mirzya”. Though the film didn’t manage to do well at the box office, still fans have hopes from this new star. Whereas, Sara Ali khan is all set to make her debut soon in Karan Johar’s Student of the year-2. It is yet to see what future is waiting for these two-star kids. It remains to be seen as the couple will make a next big love story in tinsel town or will fade away with time.

Forget Tinder, These Two Apps Will Get Your Soul Mate Faster

Best just got better!

Yeah, that’s right lovely people, things are getting better with time.

People are getting tired of chatting and back-and- forth messaging sessions on existing dating apps. Creepy talks & sexting in the current dating apps are too daunting.

Youngsters had high expectations from these dating apps. However, these dating apps have been hijacked by common issues faced on any social media platforms — fake profiles. Sharing mobile numbers & revealing your identity to meet someone can be too troublesome. With all that India is all set to experience a new era of dating. Any guesses?

“Blind Dating”

We’ve got a new app in town naming “GOJIVE”. It’s creating all the buzz it can.

GOJIVE intends to solve these issues and create an exciting and memorable experience for their users. Actual Dating, a blind date is their product. It function very easy too.!

How does it work?

  • Users create their profiles and set up their preferences — Date, Time and Place
  • They can browse profiles — ‘’Make’’ the ones they want to meet and ‘’Break’’ they don’t want to
  • As soon as two people have expressed interest in each other by ‘’Make’’ ing each other, GOJIVE will set up a date for them based on their preferences
  • Venues are the registered and renowned chain of cafe’s
  • Users do not need to share their mobile numbers as GOJIVE customer care will help you meet
  • They have an efficient tracking mechanism and on call customer support for any inquires

With this, blind dating seems to be really easy and secured as well.

That’s not all we have have for you today. There is another app on playstore which can help you kick your boredom.


Apart from blind dating concept, this app allows you to make new friends through activities. Question?

Well here are your answers, u can log in to this app through your fb account, and all you need is just to create a new “TODO” event like basketball game, fun trip, Sunday morning yoga etc. and the interested people will ask or comment on your event post to join you.

This apps works on your location basis, showing the interested people and event around you. So that they can join the activity easily.

Same you can do if you think you are interested in some event, just send a join request to the event and enjoy the activity with your new friends.

Well it seems like apps are really taking care “Forever Alone” thing.

You are not alone, Google Apps are there for you.

take care folks.!

Why Sex Is Not A Big Priority For Millennial Anymore?

Since the arrival of dating apps like Tinder, Truly Madly, Bumble, Chaturbate(haha, you know about it, you should) etc, a potential sexual partner is never more than a swipe away, you could be forgiven for thinking millennial are at it like sexually frustrated animals who just want to do it. For those who don’t know what millennial meaning, it means “a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000”. We’ve been dubbed the hook-up generation, who are open to the idea of casual sex and love it so much.
However, a new study has found that younger generations – predominantly those born in the early 1990s – are having much less sex than previous generations did when they were in their 20’s. Haha now when your father says- they are the one who ‘enjoyed’ their life more than you, you have to believe it. He is right after all!
Study revealed that, 15 percent of 20- to 24-year-olds haven’t done the deed since the age of 18, compared to only six percent of Generation X-ers when they were the same age. found that less than seven percent of people in their 20s have sex two to five times per week and 49 percent of twenty something’s hadn’t had sex at all in the past year.
One of the main reason behind less sex among teenagers is today’s young people are well-educated about sexually transmitted infections, porn is never more than a few clicks away, we don’t need sex to entertain us thanks to the likes of Game of Thrones (seriously it’s a porno with awesome storylines) and social media Facebook is here, and the majority of us still live with our parents, in India particular so no one wants to meet the parents that quickly.
Men don’t have girlfriends, but they might hook up and hang out with a girl for a while, before having sex with her, The thing is casual sex is not so easy as you think, as for more personal experience it’s true casual sex is a thing in India too but it’s not like one night stand, at one point you’ll eventually grow some feelings for the person whom you’ve had bedded with. No wonder millennia’s are more discerning about who they jump into bed with.
It all boils down to the fact that those who are in there twenties has so much thing do to they have to rent a room in a flat then move elsewhere after six months, take on internships not knowing how we’ll pay the aforementioned rent when internship period over, and spend our lives worrying about statistics so sex is not a priority for most young adults.
The sexual attitudes of today’s millennia’s may not match the swinging sexual passionate lovers of nineties young adults, but just like flares and beehives, perhaps some things are better left in the past. They have so many things to do and sex is not in top of the bucket list, although once in a while it’s a good practice.
This article is written by Saket Sharma.

New Generation’s Dating Term – “Hook-Up” And “Sex Without Baggage”. Why New Generation Want To Have Casual Sex ?

We Indians are strange creatures. Even as numerous studies show that more of us than ever are having casual sex, it’s still a difficult subject to discuss openly without at least a hint of judgement—particularly when we’re talking about women, because of our culture and traditions where sex is a strict no-no before marriage, casual sex is basically non-existent in the society. Even if you are open minded person, the assumption is that hooking up basically means a committed relationship. Bringing home the girl you met before last call on Thursday night needs to be your girlfriend, right? And, of course, there’s that whole “eroding the morals of Indian ancient civilization” thing to worry about, as well.

But, if hookup culture is really so destructive to our society, why do we keep doing it? A new study conducted by NYU researchers paints a (positive) new picture of one-night stands and the strapping lads and lasses who have them: For those who have liberal views on sex, casual encounters have a positive effect on psychological well-being. The research, published this month in the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science, involved 371 undergrads who were surveyed periodically over nine months on both their sex lives (frequency of sex, number of partners, and level of enjoyment and agency felt during the act) and their emotional health. In addition, at the beginning of the study, the students were asked to report their “sociosexual orientation,” a measure of “propensity toward casual sex” based on responses to questions about behaviour, attitudes, and desire.

In a twist that would surprise maybe three people in the universe, results showed that subjects who were sociosexually unrestricted reported lower stress and greater overall emotional health after having casual sex. As the study authors put it, “The effects of casual sex depend on the extent to which this behaviour is congruent with one’s general personality tendencies.” In other words, engaging in casual sex can be an empowering experience for those who embrace it

So, if you and your hook up partner is okay for taking a casual approach then go for it, It’s okay to be in love with someone but it’s also okay for an individual to take casual approaches in life, no one has any rights to judge you weather you are a boy or a girl.

Women Reveal How They Like To Be Approached!

Finding that pick up lines is getting you nowhere? Not sure how to start a conversation with that girl you see at the supermarket every week? No matter your problem, i’m here to help you and giving you some basic do’s and don’ts that should remember when approaching a woman. Do mind that there’s no universal answer to this and i’m not a wizard who can give you a patroness charm that will make any girl fall in love with you. There are plenty of women out there who simply do not want men to approach them. They could have extreme social anxiety, they could be prejudiced against men, they could be in a relationship and find other men too tempting, they could be in a hurry, and they could simply be annoyed because a dozen other guys have already approached her.

I’ll make the following suggestions.

1. Do– Opening with a compliment associated with what inspired you to come talk to her will usually be received well. “You guys seem fun, can I join you?”
Don’t– If she said no then don’t be a freak and approach one more time with grace.

2. Do– Show confidence and be gentle, always go for soft tone it helps most of the times.
Don’t– Don’t get emotionally invested in your approach. Don’t let immediate rejection be something that upsets you. It probably has nothing to do with you. I just say “no problem, have a good night.”

3. Do– If you find her cute, go talk to her!
Don’t- Don’t have expectations. You find her cute, you’re going over to talk to her to see if you have some chemistry and see if there is anything interesting about her beyond her looks. Heck, maybe you’re just going over to be social and have fun. Don’t talk to her with the goal of getting in her pants. You don’t know if you even want that yet. And if you do, you shouldn’t. Raise your standards.

4. Do– Be cheerful and energetic and gives her compliments which she deserves.
Don’t- Don’t flow in the motion and give her too much compliments, you just came out as creepy retard at last.

5. Do- As you get to know her, if you find her attractive, don’t be shy about that fact. One way or another she wants to know about that. “Hey you’re pretty cool, wanna trade numbers and get together tomorrow night?” “Hey you’re pretty cool, my friends and I were gonna check out this other spot down the street, you wanna come?”
Don’t- If she said not right now, than it’s okay don’t force her to do something which she didn’t want to do.

Try to put yourself in their position. How would you want someone you’re not attracted to to approach you? What about someone you do find attractive? How would you want someone to express sexual interest in you? What if this person were larger and stronger than you? What would put you at ease? What you want isn’t always going to be what the woman you’re approaching wants, but thinking in this way can help. Lastly, keep in mind that a lot of women do want you to approach them. It’s true some do not, but don’t forget the fact that some do. As long as you’re open to rejection and it’s not a big deal, you’re in a good frame of mind, and you could make some women very, very happy because you approached them. Go for it, she’s somewhere waiting for you to approach her.