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5 Things You Will Learn While Dating An Independent Woman

What’s common in Chitra Ramkrishna, Chanda Kochhar, Vinita Bali, Shikha Sharma and Nishi Vasudeva? Think hard. Okay, they’re fierce, vicious and maverick in their field. They are independent and had achieved a point in their life. They didn’t confine themselves within the four walls of the house or follow predefined rules of the society. They broke open the door which was restricting them and now, the world knows them.

In the present time, ‘independent woman’ is a word that is being considered as taboo in most of the Indian parts. From the beginning, a mind is set; a girl would be taking care of the house. Why not the other way round? Why not a male would take care of the house?

Even the TV serials and movies have generalised the ages old theory. And if a woman is shown working, then she would be earning less than her husband. Why is it that we find entertainment in a woman bringing less to the table than her man?

The independent woman is the ultimate #goals, and dating an independent woman is the ultimate #relationshipgoals. Dating an independent woman is like dating an equal partner, rather than dating a girl who is just a piece of arm candy. Here’s what you will find while dating an independent woman.

1. They work hard:

Independent woman works hard to achieve what they want. This, in turn, inculcates a feeling of being practical, strong and supportive in their work ethics. This strong work ethics not only means that they will bring more bacon in the house, this will also resonate in the relationship of the two.

2. They have a clear vision.

The best thing of being an independent woman is a clear mindset towards their goal. They know what they want to achieve in their life and they will get it. With clarity in their mind, they know their path to attaining it. When you date an independent woman, they not only will help you guide through your objectives and ambition, they also will help you in achieving your goals and will encourage you to work hard it.

3. They will challenge you:

Doing the same thing over and over again will make your relationship boring and stagnant to such an extent that you would feel trapped and suffocating. While looking for an ideal partner, you would want someone who would excite you and challenge you (If it doesn’t hurt your male ego) and would bring out the better person in you. While dating an independent woman, they will challenge you to become a stronger, harder and live life to the fullest.

4. They aren’t needy:

What irritates most of the man in a relationship is the constant nudge from your partner. This, however, is a sign of your love towards your partner, but he may not like that text message cropping up again-and-again. Yes, he had taken his lunch. So stop asking him every minute. Well, this would not be the case if you are dating an independent woman. She knows how to stand alone. Of course, she loves you, but she won’t be showing you in this way. They have many other ways to show you the love. They can take their decision for herself and can take care of their business without your help.

5. They get things for themselves:

One big thing which independent woman don’t like is buying them the gifts. They will politely reject it will ask you not to buy them such expensive gifts to them. The independent woman can buy the expensive stuff for themselves. For them, the quantity of the gift doesn’t matter, but the quality does. Sure, it’s a nice idea to buy them a beautiful anniversary gift, but the gift should be something which is sentimental instead of buying them a Diamond necklace. They have the clear mantra; Save the money, spoil us with loyalty.

By: Ananya Pandit

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