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Shocking: A 27 year old raped & drugged a 10-year old girl continuously for 5 months

Shocking: A 27 year old raped & drugged a 10-year old continuously for 5 months

The Delhi Police on Sunday arrested a 27-year-old for allegedly drugging, raping and threatening a 10-year-old girl in East Delhi’s New Ashok Nagar. The man and the victim are residents of the same building.

The whole incident came to light when the girl approached her parents. He was exploiting the girl from the past four-five months, police said.

“We have registered a case under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act and arrested the man. He is worker in a private company”, said DCP (east) Jasmeet Singh.

The girl lives with her family while the suspect lives with his brother. The victim’s family members said in their complaint that the girl often visited accused’s room to play. They also added that few months ago, when the girl visited his room she saw him taking bath. He came out from bathroom and offered soft drink to her.

“After having the soft drink, she fell unconscious and then the man forced himself upon her. He then threatened the girl of killing her and her family members if she tells to someone about the incident”, said a police officer.

The accused took advantage of her fear and raped her several times in the last four to five months, just a week ago she was again raped because of which she was in pain and that’s when she told her mother about the incident, the officer further added.

A Class two student raped by her school headmaster – Andhra Pradesh

A Class two student raped by her school headmaster – Andhra Pradesh

After a class 2 student was allegedly raped by her school headmaster, the 42-year-old headmaster in Andhra Pradesh was arrested. The incident is said to have happened on Tuesday.

The headmaster of a upper primary school in Krishna district, 295 km from Hyderabad took the class 2 student into an empty room and allegedly raped her. The child went home crying with blood on her clothes. After she narrated the whole story, her mother took her to a private hospital where the doctors told her that her daughter has been sexually assaulted.

The girl had to get four stitches to stop the bleeding. Parents did not report the incident fearing problems for the child and family.

However, social activists who came to know about the incident succeded in convincing the parents to file a complaint. The case was filed on Thursday.

Andhra Pradesh’s Human Resource Development Minister Ganta Srinivas ordered the school commisioner to suspend the headmaster and investigate the incident further.

“Accused has been arrested with immediate effect and a departmental inquiry is also being set up”, District Education Officer MV Rajya Lakshmi gave a statement to PTI.

Self-styled Godman ‘Daati Maharaj’ Accused Of Raping Disciple

Has it become a trend among these crowd controllers to engage in astonishing activities?  Not much time has passed since the ‘RAM RAHIM’ incidence which spread like wildfire in the country and yet another ‘messenger of god’ has been reported to sin.

Dati madan maharaj, a man who has been the center of female and social welfare activities carried out under his trust, Shree Shanidham trust was reported by his female disciple who assaulted rape charges against him. She has accused him of raping her two years ago and then harassing her in his temple Shanidham near chattarpur.

However irony lies in the past activities of the man, for years he had been linked with women empowerment as he celebrated his birthday as a day to prevent female feticide. Also politically renounced daati maharaj shares connection with major leaders of BJP including party president amit shah who visited shani dham not less than two months ago and yogi adityanath. Sources have revealed that he was about to be introduced in rajya sabha but revolving around controversies has made it seem impossible for him now. Sources have also reported that he is planning to flee the country.



OMG!! Asaram Bapu now calls himself a donkey

The 76-year old self-declared saint is accused of raping a teen girl at his ashram in Jodhpur in 2013.
Days after figuring in Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad’s list of fake saint, self-proclaimed godman Asaram Bapu now described himself as a donkey. The ‘fake’ religious guru’s reaction came while he was speaking to reporters, outside a court after his latest hearing. With a journalist being curious to know the category where Asaram sees himself, the infuriated sadhu replied, “the category of donkeys.”

The 76-year old self-declared saint is accused of raping a teen girl at his ashram in Jodhpur in 2013. Despite seven attempts to plead for a bail, the court has always turned down his request and Asaram had been in jail since 2013.

Last week, Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad, the apex body of saints and sadhu’s in India released a list of ‘fake babas’ thereby warning devotees to avoid consulting them in any religious or spiritual matter. The Akhara consists of 14 groups across the country. Also on the list of ‘fake sadhu’ were Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, Raadhe Maa, Swami Aseemanand, Nirmal Baba and Rampal. These self-anointed gurus and bapus who, riding on their mass popularity, financial strength and political connections, have become leaders of various cults. They have been called out by the Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad (ABAP) as “charlatans who have brought disrepute to sadhus and sanyasis”.

The Parishad’s president Swami Narendra Giri said: “We appeal to the common people to beware of such charlatans who belong to no tradition and by their questionable acts, bring disrepute to sadhus and sanyasis… As per the Hindu way of life, only followers of the age-old tradition of Sanyasi, Nath, Vaishnav, Shaiv, Udasin, Nirmal and Guru Nanak sects are saints.” Apart from these, no self-proclaimed godman or godwoman should be considered a saint as they are neither part of any akhara, nor ordained.”

Tarun Tejpal rape case: Framing of charges in Tarun Tejpal case on Sept 28

A trial court will formally frame charges in connection with the rape and sexual harassment case against former Tehelka editor-in-chief Tarun Tejpal on September 28, public prosecutor Francis Tavora said on Thursday.

Briefing reporters outside the District and Sessions Court, Tavora said that all charges proposed by the police including Sections 341 (wrongful restraint), 342 (wrongful confinement), and 376 (rape) of the Indian Penal Code had been endorsed by the court, while an additional Section 354 (b) (criminal assault with intent to disrobe) had been added.

Tejpal’s counsel Pramod Dubey has, however, told reporters that Section 376 had been dropped from the list of charges.

Accused of sexually assaulting a junior female colleague in the elevator of a hotel in north Goa during an event in November 2013, Tejpal was subsequently arrested but is now out on bail.

Dubey said that the future course of action would be decided “once the order is examined”.

Let’s take a moment and talk about the ‘Male’ gender, Shall we?

According to Delhi Commission of Women out of 583 rape cases registered, only 12 were real. Shocking, isn’t? A lot has been changed from that 16th December 2012 night. Laws were amended to give more power to women. Though late, steps were taken to eradicate decaying system of laws and to send a sense of fear against the convict.

Laws were amended in a view to empower half of the nation’s population. But above statistics narrates a different story. Laws are being misused more than being used. The questions arise, why these laws are being misused when it is amended to safeguard the dignity of a woman? Why would a woman file a false rape case when she doesn’t know the apathy of a real rape case woman goes? The question also arises to the role of media. The blind eye the media had turned on to the male-centric violence also raises the eyebrows.

Like genuine rape cases, the crime against male gender also gets un-noticed or unregistered because of the mindset “mard ko dard nahi hota”. Who in a world would listen to with this mindset of its countryman
The other thing that comes into play is the “feminism” role. The word “feminism” has taken a 360-degree turnaround in this country. We are not questioning woman empowerment and equality for woman in the country. But there is a fine line between feminism and male hating feminism.

The other thing which holds back male gender is our own police department. There was a case in Delhi as how a police constable laughed on to a molested victim by a lady. The police officer gave him an advice as it happens only to the woman, not with YOU.

In a recent verdict by Delhi High Court stated “The rising number of false rape cases had put a tag on Delhi as India’s rape capital”. The situation is so serious that it forced Delhi High court to state such strong worded sentence. It’s high time that stronger laws should be made against the petitioner of a false rape case.

BY: Ananya Pandit