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No Fear No Favour

Let’s take a moment and talk about the ‘Male’ gender, Shall we?

According to Delhi Commission of Women out of 583 rape cases registered, only 12 were real. Shocking, isn’t? A lot has been changed from that 16th December 2012 night. Laws were amended to give more power to women. Though late, steps were taken to eradicate decaying system of laws and to send a sense of fear against the convict.

Laws were amended in a view to empower half of the nation’s population. But above statistics narrates a different story. Laws are being misused more than being used. The questions arise, why these laws are being misused when it is amended to safeguard the dignity of a woman? Why would a woman file a false rape case when she doesn’t know the apathy of a real rape case woman goes? The question also arises to the role of media. The blind eye the media had turned on to the male-centric violence also raises the eyebrows.

Like genuine rape cases, the crime against male gender also gets un-noticed or unregistered because of the mindset “mard ko dard nahi hota”. Who in a world would listen to with this mindset of its countryman
The other thing that comes into play is the “feminism” role. The word “feminism” has taken a 360-degree turnaround in this country. We are not questioning woman empowerment and equality for woman in the country. But there is a fine line between feminism and male hating feminism.

The other thing which holds back male gender is our own police department. There was a case in Delhi as how a police constable laughed on to a molested victim by a lady. The police officer gave him an advice as it happens only to the woman, not with YOU.

In a recent verdict by Delhi High Court stated “The rising number of false rape cases had put a tag on Delhi as India’s rape capital”. The situation is so serious that it forced Delhi High court to state such strong worded sentence. It’s high time that stronger laws should be made against the petitioner of a false rape case.

BY: Ananya Pandit

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