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Climate change is Turning the Middle East’s Breadbasket into a Cannabis Farm

Heeding the recommendation of international consulting group McKinsey, which was part of a broader development plan, Lebanon’s parliament is preparing to legalize medicinal cannabis and its cultivation. It’s meant to pave the way to a nearly $800 million industry, according to Economy Minister Raed Khoury, and could serve as a quick fix for some of the country’s many economic woes.

And Lebanon’s farmers say the change can’t come too soon. As in many parts of the region, the country’s farmlands have been disproportionately affected by global warming. The Bekaa Valley, nestled between Mount Lebanon and Syria, is stricken with droughts, and many wells are drying up. Growing potatoes, onions and other produce native to the region has been harder than ever before, experts and farmers say.

But cannabis is a drought-resistant crop, requiring little water and no pesticides. And it flourishes in the high altitudes of the Bekaa plains.

Lebanese officials hope that legalizing the crop will boost exports, helping to jumpstart Lebanon’s moribund economy. It has the world’s third-highest ratio of debt to gross domestic product and suffers from decaying infrastructure and ballooning unemployment. Lebanese agriculture experts say the move could also breathe life into a languishing agricultural sector buckling under the effects of climate change

Love Marijuana and Sex equally? Well now there is Cannabis Condoms for you!

Marijuana: You can Eat It, You can Smoke It and now You can wear it too!

Move over a smoking pot with your significant other, now you can carry the cannabis ‘feel’ to the bed also. The sex industry is currently being jolted with the introduction of cannabis condoms. Yes, you read that right! They are created by a company called ‘Cannadoms’, who claim that their condoms even taste like a weed!


Though we are not really sure about the authenticity and are equally baffled with the eccentricity of the product, the condoms, however, are not very cheap. They are priced at $54 US for a packet of 50 condoms. Useful or not, it is definitely a boost to practice safe sex, even if one is stoned.

US elections: The game is much more than Hilary-Trump, it has a twist of marijuana and condom-less porn as well

US voters on Tuesday weighed in on a slew of measures, including several related to marijuana, gun control and the death penalty.

Here’s a look at how Americans voted on some of these hot-button issues:


Voters in California, the nation’s most populous state, handed a major victory to backers of marijuana legalization by approving recreational use of the drug.

The vote will give momentum to efforts to end federal prohibition of marijuana and treat it in a way similar to how alcohol is regulated.

Arizona, Massachusetts and Nevada also approved the use of recreational marijuana and voters in Maine were considering a similar measure.

In Florida, voters overwhelmingly approved a measure allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Arkansas and North Dakota were also deciding on a similar measure.

In Montana, voters were deciding on whether to ease restrictions in an existing medical marijuana law.

Gun control

Voters in four states were asked to decide on measures linked to gun control.

In California, one of the states with the toughest gun control laws, partial results indicated voters were set to approve Proposition 63, which prohibits the possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines and requires certain people to pass background checks in order to purchase ammunition.

Death penalty

In California, which houses about 25 percent of the country’s death-row inmates, early results showed that voters had rejected a measure that would have abolished the death penalty and replaced it with life without parole.

They approved however Proposition 66 which would overhaul the appeals process to quicken the pace of executions passed.


California voters rejected a measure that would have required adult-film actors to wear condoms during sex scenes.

Plastic bags

California became the first US state to do away with single-use shopping bags after the controversial measure was approved by voters.

Assisted suicide

Colorado voters approved a proposition that makes it legal for terminally ill patients to end their lives with the assistance of a physician.

The state joins five others, including California, that allow assisted suicide.

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Consuming Weed, Marijuana in Sawan. Does It Really Make You Shiva devotee?

Ohh, it’s the favourite part of the year for people who always looking for reasons to justify their weed love, what’s the best excuse for consuming marijuana? Well, we are a Shiva bhakt, and pure Shiva devotee is the one who consume weed, marijuana etc. Is it though, is it really the case?

Take this video for example, where this rap artist (really?) blatantly glorifies the use of marijuana, just look at the lyrics – ‘Charsi me chora mere haath me chillam, uspe you gori tera roop jhulam, re mat mat dar, aaja thoda idhar, bhole ka bhakt me chora Ghana gadar’. Acc. to the song, the guy is a drug addict and he’s also a Shiva bhakt? Why rap artists add Shiva factor for songs that related to drug consumption, Did Shiva really is a charsi (drug addict)?
The answer is Lord Shiva is not a Gaanja or a charas smoker. He is yogi. He is a cosmic energy. Shiva is yogi and mostly as per tantric and vedic scriptures remains absorbed in state of meditation or Maha-samadhi. He is yogeshwar. He remains in samadhi state to keep the balance of this universe. So please get this thing clear he is not a charsi or a Ganjaa smoker, Rap Guy!

So the next question comes in mind is if Shiva is really not a charsi or drug addict, why we offer him dhatura(marijuana leaf) on Shivratri and on Sawan Somwar, The priest of Someshwar Mahadev mandir from Nashik said – It’s true we offer dhatoora to him on shivratri and dhatoora as you know is an intoxicant. Here offering dhatoora doesn’t mean “Knock Knock bholenaath have some weed, have some fun”. No here it means this plant of yours is not fit for us and hence we are giving it back to you. Just like Dev did with ‘Vish Pyala’ during ‘Amrit Manthan’.
So why do some people take the excuse of Maha Shivaratri and Shiva Bhakti for bhang consumption?
It is due to misunderstanding of Shiva tattva. The earliest form of a visualized Shiva portrays him as a Mahayogi, sitting in a ‘padmasana’ position, ‘vrishaba mudra’ and with eyes closed 3/4th. This has been misrepresented by many people who do not understand the essence of yoga and meditation. They assumed that Shiva is a deity who smoked pot and therefore his eyes are drooping or half closed. Later paintings also had a ‘chillum’ lying at one side near him.
But the original painting is the most significant and it is important. The correct way to meditate on the ‘Ajna Chakra’ in Kundalini Yoga or ‘Bruhmadhya’ in Patanjali Yoga is by staying ‘in between’ the state of sleep and wakefulness. This meditation is performed to awaken our spiritual ‘third eye’. If the eyes are totally closed, there is a chance of the person falling asleep. If the eyes are open, there is a chance of getting distracted. Therefore, the eyes are very slightly opened and it stares at the exact spot between the eyebrows. This is a method for long hours of meditation on the 3rd eye. The early Shiva paintings are simply portraying this part of meditation. Later on, artists also started drawing a third vertical eye in between his eyebrows. This has inspired more than a dozen stories in Shiva mythology.
So now it’s hopefully clear that smoking weed because you are a devotee of Shiva is not a right choice.
India is facing a huge drug problem right now, In Punjab the numbers are ridiculous nearly 75% of its youth are severely addicted to drugs,that’s 3 out of every 4 children. Mumbai, Hyderabad and other cities around the country are quickly gaining a reputation for their drug usage; and the population in each of these cities continues to grow. Delhi is filled with rehab centres trying to keep up with the flow of addicts. Over 500 centres across our country work together to nurse addicts back into healthy productive lifestyles but addiction is becoming too much for India. The menace of drugs and alcohol has woven itself deep into the fabric of our society. As its effects reach towards our youth, India’s future generation will have to compete with drugs like cannabis, alcohol and tobacco. So please stop glorifying a product!