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No Fear No Favour

Love Marijuana and Sex equally? Well now there is Cannabis Condoms for you!

Marijuana: You can Eat It, You can Smoke It and now You can wear it too!

Move over a smoking pot with your significant other, now you can carry the cannabis ‘feel’ to the bed also. The sex industry is currently being jolted with the introduction of cannabis condoms. Yes, you read that right! They are created by a company called ‘Cannadoms’, who claim that their condoms even taste like a weed!


Though we are not really sure about the authenticity and are equally baffled with the eccentricity of the product, the condoms, however, are not very cheap. They are priced at $54 US for a packet of 50 condoms. Useful or not, it is definitely a boost to practice safe sex, even if one is stoned.

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