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Eyeing for Madhya Pradesh elections, Congress party has a major leadership changes.

The Congress on Saturday divested general secretary Mohan Prakash of the charge of Madhya Pradesh, appointing Deepak Babaria in his place.

In another major change, Lok Sabha MP Sushmita Dev replaces Shobha Oza as the head of the All India Mahila Congress.

Hailing from Gujarat, Babaria is a close confidant of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi. He will be assisted by two secretaries – Zubair Khan and Sanjay Kapoor.

Prakash had come under severe criticism over his style of functioning. The state leaders had repeatedly complained to the party high command that he had failed to revive the party in Madhya Pradesh where the Congress has been out of power since 2003.

Prakash, however, continues to hold charge of Maharashtra.

Congress sources said the leadership has also finalised a new chief of the state unit in Madhya Pradesh to take on the ruling BJP in next year’s assembly elections. The party is expected to announce the name of PCC chief and the new team soon.

How Twitter Personalities Reacted To Ram Nath Kovind As NDA For President.

Following the announcement of the candidature of Ram Nath Kovind, as the Presidential nominee for the top post of the country, social media is abuzz with floods of information about him. Unvaried information is trending like fire on social media creating a lot of misinformation.

By: Simran Dhingra.

Sidhu’s Press Conference Turned Into Comedy Drama. Read On To Know Why.

With the announcement of election dates in 5 states, the political showdown has also begun. Cricketer-turned-politician Mr Navjot Singh Sidhu officially joined Congress today. In his briefing to media, Navjot Singh Sidhu gives us a glimpse of the comedy show that he hosts with Kapil Sharma. Parts of his speech remind us as if he is not briefing media but giving a serious competition to his mate Kapil Sharma.

Here is some excerpt from his press conference which shows the witty side of Mr Navjot Singh Sidhu:

In a hope that Mr Badal didn’t bunk that training session.

Don’t even know what that even means.

Eehhh. Laut ke Siddhu ghar ko aye

Holy showers of motherly love.

No one messes with Sidu in Shayari

This article is meant for entertainment purpose only. Avoid taking it seriously.

Women Are Not For Your Entertainment, Khabardar! Sulli Par Chada Denge.

By: Saket Sharma

‘Khabardar sulli pe chadadenge’ (Beware you will be hanged), ‘Aurate entertainment ke liye nhi hai’ (women’s are not for entertainment), Hum Bachhe paida krne ki machine nhi hai ‘ We are not a machine for making babies’. These are the words which aimed towards Lok Sabha speaker after the issue of BJP State Vice President Daya Shankar Singh remarks against BSP Supremo Mayawati were brought on the house.


Initially BJP Rajnath Singh tried to calm down the atmoshphere but oppostions were no mood to settle down the issue and most of the opposite party members were in support of BSP Supremo and wants a strong action should be taken against the BJP Vice President Daya Shankar Singh.

Talking about the issues BJP Supremo Mayawati said- “al party leaders respect my dignity, they call me their sister, that’s why they don’t wanted me to see the clip where BJP Vice President Daya Shankar Singh made such derogratory remark towards me. The man used the language against his sister, his daughter because people treat me as daughter and sister. If BJP wants to move forward, they should first learn how to respects Dalits and women.
That man needs to be arrested,Inwhat right this man is speaking in this uncivilised manner,”Are we here to pay lip service?” says Congress leader Renuka Chowdhury.

DMK member Kanimozhi condemns the remarks, says it’s deplorable and unacceptable. Personal comments are used as weapons against women in public life, she says.
After seeing all around protest against his remark BJP Vice President Daya Shankar Singh apologized to Mayawati in an interview and said he respect her enough and i apologize for my remarks towards her.

Did Rahul Play Pokemon Go All Night? Caught Napping In Lok Sabha!

Imagine you were busy playing mobile games all night and next day you have to go to work, What will you do, Rahul Gandhi has the answer now, Our Raga caught napping in Lok Sabha again today and we have the answers why?
If you are not living under a rock then by now you have heard about a game which has more users than instagram and twitter, where you have more chances to find a new partner than tinder, a game which encourages you to go outside for playing when your own mother called it quits after so many attempts, Yes we are talking about Pokemon Go,a game where you feel like Ash Ketcham and belives in motto ‘Gotta Catch em all’ , We believe that Rahul is also a latest user of the game.
So what made us to believe that our RaGa is also a fan of Pokemon Go, well the answer is simple since the game hits the Indian market how many rallies did Rahul Gandhi organise? answer is zero, In May Rahul took part in four rallies, in june he organised Anti-Drug Campaign in Pujnab but what happened in July, no rallies,no anti-modi tweets, no Congress has done everything for this country why, because he is too busy catching new pokemons in Pokemon Go, Why do the hectic work in the office when you can easily rule the world full of pokemons, right!
He looks disintrested now and also caught napping in the Lok Sabha, hey maybe his favorite pokemon is Snorlax( the pokemon who sleeps alot). Maybe Raga is just imitating the traits of his favorite pokemon.