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Youth drowns rat in drain, complaint filed against him

By: Divya Thearia

26 November 2022 (New Delhi): A unique case came to light in the Badaun district of UP. The matter is such that you will also get thinking. In fact, you must have heard about the postmortem of humans, but the Sadar Kotwali police conducted the postmortem of a rat at the IVRI in Bareilly. Its report will come after a week. Based on the reports from three different places, the cause of death of the rat will be determined.

In fact, animal lover Vikendra Sharma has given a Tahrir to Sadar Kotwali police, in which it was told that for the purpose of killing a rat, a stone was tied to its tail, and it was drowned in a drain. A video of this incident has also been handed over to the police by the animal lover. On his complaint, the police have gotten the rat’s post-mortem done, and the matter is being investigated.

An animal lover has alleged that Manoj Kumar of the locality was drowning a rat in the drain yesterday when he was passing through Panwadi locality. Manoj tied a stone to the rat’s tail and left it in a flowing drain. He took that rat out of the drain. But after a while, the rat died. Animal lover Vikendra Sharma made a video of this whole incident on his mobile.

On the basis of this video, she gave a tahrir to the Sadar Kotwali police. After which, the Sadar Kotwali police conducted the post-mortem of the rat. whose report will come after 7 days. Reports have to come from three different places to know the reason for the rat’s death. The police are investigating the case.

An animal lover says that if the police do not register the case, he will take the case to court, but in any case, he will leave such people who behave cruelly with animals. In this case, the veterinary officer refused to do the post-mortem due to a lack of resources. After which, the post-mortem of the rat was done today.

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