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Women Fails To Produce Documents, Initially Played Religion Card

It is certainly clear that feminism and religion are being used as catalysts by some citizens to take advantage and blind fold the system. Manipulation has become easier in the present context with media giving priorities to issues that derogate the system.

The country recently witnessed a Dramatic outrage of a woman while she accused a passport officer of harassing her while she was asked to change her religion and name. In a series of tweets to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, Tanvi Seth narrated the incident and asked her to intervene. The officer was transferred. She even called it a case of moral policing.

However in a recent series of events, it was reported that there was no legal evidence of the woman getting her name endorsed on the marriage certificate, which was pointed out by the passport officer. It could be a possibility that the woman knowingly played victim on social media to draw attention and take advantage of the situation said an officer on the request of anonymity.

Married in 2007 to Anas Siddique, Tanvi seth grew outrageous and took the upper hand, the incident spread like wildfire in the nation and like always, feminists and stakeholders came out in a large numbers to support the offensive stance of the woman.

Recent incidents have stated that government is giving up to the growing pressure of social media and officers and bureaucrats are the hidden victims. Within one hour of this incident, the involved officer was transferred without any investigation.

The question that strikes the system at its core, is the effect of social media in the legal proceedings, the road less travelled by is witnessing a rush hour and this is a threat to democracy all over the globe.

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