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When will the gyms reopen ?

By Kavya Madaan

Reopening of the gyms are the most awaited thing for the gym owners as well as the people.

Everyone wants to go back in shape which has been damaged by the lockdown. Teenagers want the reopening of gyms more badly than of their colleges. People go there for multipurpose like having a stress buster, getting back in shape, having a good “Me time”. People really love gyms, no doubt! Everyone wants to work on themselves! But in the recent unlocking of the nation, there has been no news about the unlocking of gyms! It has been seen as the most unsafe place and no one can do their workout wearing the masks! Unlock 3 gave some guidelines to reopen the gym but that did not really work and was not enforced after looking up to some things. Many protests are now made by the gym owners because it is getting really difficult for them now to survive !! They also want their livelihood and normal life back again. Some gym owners only have a gym for their earning source and it has been too late now ! The rents for some gyms are still going and they do not have any source for paying the rents! Everything has started working in a normal way but not the gyms! This has lead to great anger in the gym owners and they have come down on roads for protests! ANI @ANI · 2h Delhi: Members of Indian Gyms Welfare Federation hold protest against Delhi Government and Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal for not allowing gyms to re-open in the national capital Image This is a tweet where all the gym owners have come to protest and begging for their livelihood! They also have a family and want their normal lives back! They are asking to save gyms! And save their lives! But still the state governments does not find it suitable enough to reopen the gyms because many human contact are made in the gym and people will not wear masks while doing workout! Lets see when does the government takes the decision to finally open the gyms !

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