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UP student beaten and also called terrorist by public for complaining of no jobs

In a horrific video that is going viral all over the internet shows a group of men beating a young man mercilessly. One of them also called him a terrorist. The crime of the young man was just, that he spoke about lack of jobs in a local TV program.

The group of men who thrashed the young boy were all BJP workers. The incident took place in western Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar on Wednesday.

The boy is to write his broads exam. He was taking part in a TV program as a member of audience. The program’s recording was interrupted when he criticized the government by saying that the country is suffering from lack of jobs.

After saying this, a group of men pounced on him and started beating him. “I just said that their is lack of employment in our country, these people started beating me and even called me a terrorist, said that you are against India and the BJP”, the young boy said to the local news channel.

The Muzaffarnagar police has promised to take action but not even a single person has been arrested in-spite the fact that the attackers face were very much visible in the video.

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