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TRS sitting MLA Ramesh Babu is now not an Indian, Home Ministry clarifies

In a rude shock to ruling TRS, its party leader and Vemulawada MLA Chennamaneni Ramesh Babu has been declared as a German citizen, not an Indian citizen. Hence, his MLA position is likely to be terminated. Union Home Ministry has confirmed that Ramesh is no longer an Indian citizen after verifying the documents provided by Ramesh during the filing of his nomination. The Union Ministry found that document provided by Ramesh is said to be “fabricated” and is not “real”.

This is now likely to put a full stop to long battle waged by his rival candidate Aadi Srinivas since 2009. Srinivas has moved High Court and even Supreme Court against Ramesh’s citizenship and finally, Union Ministry has pronounced verdict on Ramesh’s citizenship.

According to reports, Ramesh had allegedly cancelled his Indian citizenship and moved to Germany where he has been working as a professor in an Agricultural University and married a German woman there. So, Ramesh is no longer Indian. And India doesn’t accept dual citizenship. So, Ramesh’s citizenship is now considered as Germany.

Aadi Srinivas contested from Congress lost to Ramesh in 2009. And he again lost to Ramesh in 2014 polls when Aadi contested from BJP with a very tender difference.

However, Chinnamaneni Ramesh stated that he would go to appeal on his citizenship. While Aadi Srinivas is demanding that he would be declared as Vemulawada MLA since he has come in the second place, TRS is now worried that a by-election would be announced in Vemulawada. More details are yet to come.

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