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This hockey player Mom proves selfless love towards her child; breastfeeds her child during intermission

No one can deny how pure and pious mother’s love towards their child is. She can go to the moon and beyond to take care of their child. Their love is the only love free from any ego, selflessness and devoid of any pride. Proving the same, a hockey player, a mom, used an intermission to breastfeed her eight-week-old child; a moment that was captured in camera.

The viral photo shows Serah Small, of Grande Prairie, Alta, nursing her daughter Ellie in her team’s dressing room. Small is dressed from the waist down in hockey gear, and her teammates can be seen putting their own equipment on to either side of her.

Milky Way Lactation Services shared the photo on its Facebook page, where it praised Small for showing that any mom can “do the things you love to do, and keep your baby close.”

Small shared another photo of the same moment on her own Facebook page, saying that she was emboldened to do so after seeing how positively it was received on the Milky Way page.

“I have a really hard time feeding Ellie covered and have chosen not to cover her at all,” she said. “Although at times I feel the burn of judgmental eyes I feel more empowered than anything to be able to meet my baby’s needs the way my body intended.”

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