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This doctor uses microchips under his skin to unlock doors. What?

Alexander Volchek, a Russian doctor and innovative scientist, stuns the world by implanting 6 electronic microchips into his body. The chips that were implanted into his body help his day-to-day activities. However, according to sputnik reports, there are some health dangers associated with such futuristic technology. A few years ago he got his first microchip implant.

Since then he acquired a few more and now has around 6 microchips under his skin. With microchips, he can now open doors at work and at home just by moving his hand over a bar code scanner. The chips can also store his passwords and credit card numbers.

Some of the chips have the capacity to store from 800 bytes to 1 kilobyte of information. One of the chips also serves as Volchek’s business card. Another one allows him to unlock his computer as it has his password saved in its memory. However, the doctor doesn’t want to stop at this and hopes that in the future he will be able to implant a cryptosystem and a glucometer microchip in his body.

“I implanted the first chip on August 8, 2014. It prohibits change of code and is equivalent to an access control card from one of the Siberian ski resorts. Sometime later, I registered it in the access control system of the organization that I work for,” Volchek said in an interview with Sputnik. He noted that this is not the first case of microchip implantation, and the first samples of such chips were used in veterinary medicine back in the early 2000s.

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