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Erica Fernandes On Being Body-Shamed By Netizens: I Used To Feel Disrespected

Written by Shivangi Chawla

Our glamorous film Industries may look appealing, royal, and ravishing but they have a bad side too. These film industries are full of controversies for harassing models and actresses to cast them in their movies. Several FIRs have also been registered on many casting Directors and producers. Moreover, MeToo Movement came to light a few years back when women had started coming forward to fight against these Sick minded people.

Many Bollywood actresses and models had the courage to speak about this sensitive issue. Well, this is not enough. There are many more erroneous things happening in the Industry on which we need to put light. One of this body shaming. Many actresses have been trolled in the industry for being too thin or too fat. They are forced to look in a particular way to impress the audience. We don’t believe in this ideology. An actor’s work is more important than their body size. Today, we came up with a real story that happened with one of the successful TV actresses Erica Fernandes.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi actor Erica Fernandes opened up on her experience of working in the South Indian film industry. Before Erica Fernandes made it big in the Indian television industry, she tried her hands in films. The actor has featured in several South Indian films, including late actor Puneet Rajkumar’s Ninnindale, which was released in 2014. However, Erica Fernandes shared that her debut in films was not an easy experience.

Recalling that time, Erica remembered how she was body-shamed for being too thin. In an interview, Erica revealed she had to wear a lot of padding to look voluptuous, which used to make her feel bad about herself.

“I was thin-shamed a lot because I was very skinny compared to whatever they expected me to or a South actress needed to be at that point of time. They wanted voluptuous women. They used to stuff me. I used to wear a lot of padding and I used to feel very bad about myself. It’s uncomfortable that you’re not accepting the person the way they are. They used to put paddings everywhere. I used to feel disrespected. It used to be like that,” Erica recalled.

She concluded that she is ‘glad’ that the industry has changed since then. “I’m glad that is it is not the case anymore and people have moved on from that. Things are different right now which is very good,” Erica said.

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