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These 4 yoga poses in bed will make your morning ‘good’.

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June 19, 2022 (New Delhi): Morning time is best for our health. At this time you get fresh air, which keeps the mind calm and the body healthy with healthy oxygen. Positive thoughts come in the mind in the morning.

The way you start the day affects your mood and work throughout the day. If you start well then your mind and mood remains good throughout the day. Morning sun rays are absolutely essential for better health. It is the mighty force that is all around life.

Experts believe that doing workouts or exercises at this time gives the most benefits to the body. At the same time, doing yoga in the morning is also more beneficial. Practicing yoga even for 30 minutes in the morning helps in making the body healthy and mind active.

Yoga is a perfect approach to everyday lifestyle. There is no age limit for this. You can do yoga anytime, anywhere. Now the question arises that if you do yoga in the morning then how and which yogasana is better to do. So here we bring some of the best yoga asnas which makes your health perfect if you do these asnas in morning:

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This asana gets its name from the Sanskrit word bandha, which means tied. Angle refers to a particular degree or bend, whereas asana refers to a position .Most of you must have seen shoe-knotting cobblers working while sitting in this posture. That is why this posture is also called Cobbler Pose in English. Apart from this, this posture is also called ‘Butterfly Pose’ or Butterfly Pose.

For this pose, one must sit straight, bend their knees, and bring their feet near the genitals, as much as possible. Make sure that the soles touch each other, grab the feet tightly in hand and flap the knees.

It helps in increasing the flexibility in the inner thigh muscles and stimulates the heart, ovaries, abdominal organs and reduces fatigue, back pain and shoulder pain.

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Janu Sirsasna or the head to knee pose

Janushirshasana (janu sirsasana) is a word of Sanskrit language which is made up of 3 words. The first word is janu which means knee. The second word is top which means head and the third word is asana. Asana means the posture of sitting, lying or standing. Janu sirsasana was discovered by the great yoga gurus of India. And it is considered to be one of the newest asanas.

For this pose, sit straight and spread out one leg while folding the other one. Now bend forward and stretch your hands towards your sole and grab it with both the hands. While doing this, try to touch your forehead on your knee. stay in the position for 2 minutes and repeat the same with the other leg.

It is efficient in normalizing menstrual flow , back pain, helps in releasing stress and makes your mornings fresher than a mint.

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Parivratta Sukhasana or the seated twist

Sukhasana is one of the simplest asanas in the science of yoga. Sukhasana is considered one of the most simple and simple asanas of hatha yoga. The literal meaning of Sukhasana is to sit comfortably.

By the way, the word ‘Sukhasan’ is made up of two words. The first word is Sukh which means ‘relax’ or ‘bliss’. Whereas asana means to sit. Sukhasana is also called Easy Pose / Decent Pose or Pleasant Pose.

For this, you need to sit straight with your legs stretched. Then lift one of your knees, twist the upper body in the knee’s direction, fix your opposite elbow on the knee to support your twist, Relax and repeat. It helps to reduce back pain, distress, and stimulates abdominal muscles, varicose veins, and calms the mind thus promotes clarity.

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Vartika Karani or inverted lake pose

For this one needs to lay down on their back and lift their body upwards with legs and back straight in the air. They can support their body with their hands or else with the help of a wall.

This pose helps in improving flexibility and toning the muscles. It is exceptionally helpful in backaches and muscle cramps.

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