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Tamil Nadu Sweet shop owner claims cure for COVID-19 from a sweet; FSSAI suspends license

By Purvi Jain

At the time when the world’s scientists are working day in and day out to prepare a vaccine for novel coronavirus, a sweet shop owner claimed for a cure. Sriram, a sweet stall owner in Chinniyampalayam area of Coimbatore made a claim that within a day COVID-19 can be cured by consuming “herbal Mysurpa” made at his shop.

Along with it, Sriram named it as “Photon speed corona cure Mysurpa” and even released an advertisement with the directions of its dosage. As per the directions of use, each bite should be chewed 13 times with lips closed. In another absurd direction, a person should sleep fully covered from head to toe to sweat properly. Along with it, it said that the bitter taste of herbs would become sweeter with the improvement in immunity.

Talking more about it, Sriram claimed that a person with no symptoms can also consume it as an immunity booster. The further advertisement told that they are ready to share the “Herbal Mysurpa” formula with the central government so that they can produce it in large quantities.

Regarding the raid, K Tamil Selvan, Designated Officer of the Food Safety Department told Times Now that they have launched an inquiry against the shop owner for false and misleading claims. Selvan said, “When questioned he was unable to even name the full list of ingredients used in the Mysurpa.”

However, after cracking down the false claims made by the owner the Food Safety Department on Wednesday made an inspection and canceled the license for the shop. The officials also seized approximately 150 kilograms of herbal Mysurpa which was being sold for Rs 800 per kilo.

K Tamil Selvan informed that a case has been filed against the shop owner under section 53 and 61 of the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006. The district Siddha medical officials were also present at the time of inspection and have collected the samples of the Mysurpa to analyze the ingredients that were put in it.

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