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Story of a gay activist Harish Iyer who recently joined Congress

About 30-32 years ago. A 7-year boy lived in Mumbai with his parents, a younger brother, two uncles and aunt. Apart from this there was one more member who used to visit his house on regular basis.he was the uncle of 7 years old boy and relative of his mother who often come to meet his family. He was married.

Whenever that person comes, he use to spend a lot of time with the 7-year-old child. He use to watch him While bathing, he removes his clothes, apply soap on her body, and sexually exploit him. The child was small, So, he could not understand anything. Then his uncle started to rape him. The child never share this thing with anyone, Because he was scared. His uncle warned him that if he would tell anyone about this, then no one will believe. That’s what happened. When the child was 10, he courageously told this to his mother Said that his uncle touches him in a weird way But her mother did not believe her child’s story.

The boy become silent but his uncle started calling some of his friends All together, they started to rape him one by one. The child kept on suffering. He could not tell anyone that he is being raped Because he himself could not understand anything properly. Few years later, once again he told all this to his mother. His Mother did not believe her child again. The child reached to age of 18. He had been sexually exploited and raped for 11 years. By then the child had understood that what is happening to him is wrong. But he was not able to stop him. Then one day the child gained some courage when His uncle came into his room and started unbuttoning his clothes by putting all the strength, he kicked his uncle and screamed ‘NO’. After that his sexual harassment stopped.

Who is this child?

This story which we have told you is not a story of a movie but it is a real incident. The child who was a victim of rape and sexual abused for 11 years have become an inspiration for millions of people today. Today he is a motivational speaker, a writer, an activist. He has done a lot of work for the LGBT community and still doing it. Working for women, children, animals. Whenever the voice raises for their rights Fights for children who face sexual abuse. That child is now 39 years old, his name is ‘Harish Iyer’. Activist Harish Iyer has now become a politician too. Why? Because he has joined the Congress. Harish told this by posting a number of posts on Twitter.

Because of joining Congress, Harish is now on social media. When reporters asked him why he joined Congress on this Harish said,

‘Congress wrote clearly in its manifesto, that they will work for people of LGBT community. A lot of things have been written in their manifesto for Minorities That’s why I joined the Congress. ‘

Let me tell you that almost all the parties had said before the elections, that they will give tickets to women. But the truth is, everyone knows Very few women have been given tickets for the Lok Sabha elections. Congress has promised to give 33 per cent reservation to women in government manifesto along with Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha. But whether this promise will be done or not, it will only be known when the Congress government will be formed. At present, it is not known whether the government will be formed of the party. But, of course, now Congress has not chosen 33 percent of the woman candidates for the election. The number of women candidates is quite low.

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