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Sonam Kapoor gave a lesson on homosexuality to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s recent tweet on homosexuality has landed him in a controversial situation. Speaking at JNU, while responding to a student, who asked how he should deal with ill-treatment by his friends and family over his sexual orientation, Sri Sri said that being homosexual is a “tendency” that “may change” later. “This is your tendency now. Just acknowledge it and accept it, and know that this tendency is not a permanent thing. It may change. I’ve seen many men who were gay, later on turn into heterosexuals, and there are those who are normal — what is called straight people — end up being gay later in life.”

His comment and opinion on the topic did not seem to go down well with actor Sonam Kapoor, who took to social media to express her anger and views. In a series of tweets, she slammed the spiritual guru and also explained what she understood of homosexuality. Check out her tweets here:

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