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Sidhu can win election from Pakistan as well – Imran Khan on Kartarpur corridor issue

Since last day Navjot Singh Sidhu is occupying the most airtime on Indian and Pakistan news channels. Every News Organisation shares a different ideology.  Some News channels are appreciating Sidhu’s move of attending the groundbreaking Kartarpur Sahib ceremony. While the other News Organisations are showing Sidhu’s move as disrespect to the country. Punjab Chief Minister had already said that Sidhu’s visit to Pakistan was at his personal capacity, not an official capacity.

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Nothing in this world goes straight or we can say that everything in this world comes with a dual aspect. At one side Punjab(India) Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh condemn Sidhu’s move of visiting Pakistan. While on the other hand Pakistan Wazir-e-Azam Imran Khan today replied to the Sidhu controversy during a press conference. He said that Sidhu is a man of heart and can win an election from Punjab(Pakistan). He further added that the terms between the two nation can only be improved with bilateral talks through a public gathering. We only have one contradictory issue that separates us from being a good friend is ‘Kashmir’. Pakistan Wazir-e-Azam didn’t say anything about the terror and illegal activities getting exported from their country to our country.

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