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SheWings 🧞‍♀️ present Solo Women bike Riders on Roads to Promote Breastfeeding 🤱

Written By: Aashish Vashistha

In Picture: Women Riders rode from DND flyover to Crown Plaza ,Noida.

February 27, Noida (India): SheWings, India’s fastest growing social enterprise which focuses on educating women and men on women health and hygiene management and towards eradicating period poverty, organised a Women Bike Riders event on Sunday , February 27, with support from IWR (Indian Women Riders) and in association with Crowne Plaza Greater Noida. The women bike rider event was organised to elevate the awareness on breastfeeding amongst the working women of the society. Breastfeeding keeps baby healthy and protects against diseases, like diabetes and cancer. It also protects them against infections, like ear and eye infections.

Women Bike Riders and faces behind this campaign.

The Women Bike Rider event is one of the on- ground activities of SheWings for the celebration of the International Women’s week. The riders rode from DND flyover to Crowne Plaza Greater Noida. The special thing about the event was that all the riders from IWR were working mothers and well known personalities across the fields. On this special occasion, another popular brands which extended their support in this great initiative by SheWings are Oil India Limited, Radico Khaitan, Eugenix, BSC Women, ManipalHospitals etc. Ms. Preeti Saraswat, Founder of IWR organisation said, “We are excited to be a part of this great initiative. Being a women I know what it takes to be a working mother especially when you are a mother of a new born baby. I agree breastfeeding is exhaustive but an essential part of the baby’s growth initially. I know few mothers who are not serious on this issue and due to lack of proper guidance or may be due to different mindset and lifestyle habits, do not emphasize on breastfeeding”.

In Pic: Working women driving bikes to aware men and women on breastfeeding 🤱.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Madan Mohit Bharadwaj, Founder of SheWings said, “I am thankful to IWR and Crowne Plaza for all the support we have got for our Breastfeeding initiative. I am glad to see these women riders who are mothers also and understand the importance of breastfeeding and are here to support the cause. I hope our efforts would not go in vain and we would be able to mould and change mothers’ perspective towards breastfeeding.” Also Mr Sharad K Upadhyay, GM of Crowne Plaza, Greater Noida said “It is a great initiative by SheWings organisation and I am happy to be associated with the cause. We are ready to extend our full support in whatever way we can”.

In pic: Breastfeeding 🤱 Event organised by She Wings Foundation.

Speaking on the breastfeeding initiative, Ms. Richa Chaudhary, Chief Marketing Officer of “She Wings Foundation” said, “Breast feeding is not only helpful for babies but also for the breastfeeding mothers and this is something which not many know. However, an important angle in breastfeeding is that all the members of the family should support a breastfeeding mother. So that she is at ease physically and mentally. This needs to be highlighted and more such wonderful awareness campaigns should be organised to aware them.” SheWings has previously done many awareness campaigns which were a global hit and acknowledged internationally such as #Reddotcampaign, #YesIbleed, #Donateoldbrapanty to name a few.

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