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SEEMS LIKES SHE NEEDS A PUPPET BUT NOT A HUSBAND, a girl posts on a matrimonial site satirical requirements for a husband

The fashion of finding your perfect match on a matrimonial site is already in trend from the past few years. People look for someone compatible or can say a perfect life partner by putting up their demands or traits they look for in their partners on a site for someone sitting on the other side of the screen where we can’t find someone perfect or didn’t feel a connection with a person even after knowing him/her for a long time. These days with so many revolutionary and societal impacting issues/stronger issues like feminism etc where people these days don’t want to be shy at all about their comforts, desires, demands and want to be independent and not stay bounded to unacceptable or objectionable covert and overt ways of the society, they want to be free or choosy when It comes to their marriage or selecting a compatible life partner. Either they want to go solo for the entire life or look for certain traits in their partners according to their taste or want to go easy or slow while taking any decisions related to life-impacting custom like marriage.

Amidst all these, taking you back to the topic from where the discussion really began that people also take to several Matrimonial portals in search of compatible life partners and this takes us to throw some light on a girl who is a software engineer and posted about her on one of the matrimonial sites with some specifications for a life partner she is looking for which will surely give you some ROFL minutes of reading.

To give you an idea of what’s more on this journey of laughter, here is an excerpt from her description which reads, “My future husband should be chaste & virtuous like Lord Rama. He should take care of me like an Infant. He should do everything I tell like my Puppet. He should be like my mother,” and yes, this is real.

Yes, there’s more to this satirical journey as mentioned above, just keep that laugh intact. Till now, the questions and thoughts must have already aroused in your minds. Doesn’t this sound satirical? Does she even want to get married or indirectly already denying the ‘rishtas’ she was going to be approached for and etc.?

Not making you wait anymore, here is the entire description by her for herself and her demands for a husband which reads, “I’ve completed my Bachelors degree in Software Engineering. I’m a pet lover. I’m a very honest, virtuous girl & love my life partner more than me till my last breath. I belong to a Middle class nuclear family with traditional values. My Mother & Father were government employees & worked in goof designation with high moral values. My beautiful loving mother is rare like a diamond. My elder sister is a Doctor (MBBS) who is married to a Civil Engineer & settled in Australia. Other elder sister is a Computer Engineer who is married to a Mechanical Engineer & settled in Singapore. I love my mom & pets so much. I’m looking for my life partner who is like a mother & take   care of me at any circumstances. I need the most loving, caring, nurturing, extremely innocent, soft spoken, pure kind hearted, most dedicated, faithful, sincere, honest, trustful, highly loyalty & extremely devoted soul mate. My future spouse should be chaste & virtuous like Lord SRI RAMA. He should take care of me like an infant, give first priority for me & fulfill my all requirements with good understanding, he should love me till his last breath & even after his death. He should do everything what I tell, like my puppet. Contact if u want further information. Best of luck in your search!!!”

Still, is any information left which will be notified after contacting? Really a person needs shit loads of best of lucks after reading this.

A journalist named Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj posted a screenshot on Twitter sharing about this classic event. Many users replied to the tweet with even more comic thoughts and questions.

One among those wrote, “Will she put a leash around his neck and a GPS tag to track his movement? This is ridiculous!!!” where another replied, “Salary kitni milegi ye sab ki? Baat kar le“ and there was no full stop to users  replies and comments to the tweet.

Well, these classic events though used to pull mere embarrassment for the person with whom they occur but they definitely end up giving us the hours of the comic.

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