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Sajid Khan Reveals Why ‘Success Destroyed’ Him

By: Divya Thearia

2 October 2022 (New Delhi): “Bigg Boss 16” has got a great start. Sixteen contestants have entered the Bigg Boss house. But the entry of a contestant took Salman by surprise. This contestant entered the house last. The name of this contestant is Sajid Khan. Everyone knows that Sajid is a very famous filmmaker. He has made many films. Sajid has directed many comedy films like “Housefull” and “Hey Baby”. When Sajid came on stage, Salman thought that he had joined as a guest, but Sajid said that he had come to participate in the show as a contestant.

Salman Khan was shocked to hear this. Sajid told us how he spoiled his life because of success. Sajid revealed that his credit was taken away after he was convicted of the sexual charges against him. Sajid said, “For the last 4 years, I have been sitting at home. I really am not getting much work. “

Sajid is ruined by success

Responding to Salman Khan, Sajid Khan further said, “I have seen a lot of ups and downs.” Then Salman says that Sajid did it with A-list actors in Bollywood and, along with success, was a little arrogant. In accepting Salman’s point, Sajid said, “There is a saying, ‘failure ruins people’. In my case, success ruined me.” 

Sajid had become arrogant!

Sajid Khan further said, “I had become very arrogant. There were three hits back-to-back… So I didn’t think I’d fall, and I couldn’t make a bad film.I was giving an arrogant statement. The one above slapped ‘Himmatwala’ down… got a little humble and slapped again, ‘Humshakals’ down. After the lookalike, I hid my face.”

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