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Road tax getting more value than life: 4.5 feet died in 2 feet water

A serious casualty took place in Jaipur, when an 11-year-old boy, named “Mohammad Faizan” died, due to falling into a pit, in a place termed as “Vidyadhar Nagar”.To be specific, the incident took place in the sector-7 park, on Wednesday. The pit was dug for the construction Badminton court in Shiv Park. The depth of the pit was somewhere between 7.9 and 8 feet. The pit even had water in it, due to the occurrence of rain on Tuesday.

Jaipur Municipal Corporation(JMC) was blamed for its ignorance on the issue of pits in the area. “My son would have been alive if the ‘officials concerned’ had covered up the pit.” Shaukat Ali(father of the boy), said. “The officials of the civic body did not care to cover the pits in the area of a badminton court, which has been under the zone of construction for the last three months. Today my son is no more, but the officials would never be able to realize my pain as the misfortune has not occurred with them and their kids.

Safety for them is nothing, but a small fragment of caricature,” he added, “Is filling the pits of around 2000 square feet park, a hectic work for government officials?” asked Ali. “They didn’t cover up the pit even after it was filled with water after the rains. It’s a cynical ignorance on the part of JMC officials. They should be punished.” Mohammed Afzal(elder brother of the boy) said, “Faizan wanted to play in the rain. He was with us until 11 pm. After which he vanished.” Further, he said, “We looked for him everywhere including the same garden from where his body was eventually recovered the next day.

We looked at every pit. After that, we went to other sectors, the railway station, Sindhi Camp bus stand, but he was nowhere. After that, we went to the police station and registered the report of the missing person.” The statement by his elder brother remarks the melancholic irony of the condition of the boy, that he was there in the pit for twenty-four hours. Ram Kumar Gupta(a cylinder distributor), was the man, who spotted the boy, in the pit. After spotting the boy, he immediately informed it, to the police. The strange fact here is that the pit had only water, up to the level of 2 feet and the height of the boy was 4.5 feet.

There is a big question mark on the death of Faizan. There is a doubt if he has been murdered. Radha Raman(SHO), has said that there no possibility of murder in such a case, but then also he is saying that he is longing to see the post-mortem report. “No injury scars were found on Faizan’s body.

Hence, it doesn’t look like to be a murder case. The case would become more transparent after the post-mortem report comes.” he added, “On Tuesday, there was a decent amount of rainfall in the city. All the nearby pits too were filled with water. Maybe the water level must have decreased the following day when people spotted the boy’s body. But still, we are doing the investigation.” Peculiarity still prevails as Shaukat Ali said that his boy had never gone to that place.

The fact that put tremendous tension in the minds of his family members, is that that was just 4.5 feet tall, and he drowned in the water level of two feet. The family wants a case to be registered against the concerned civic authority, for its heart-wrenching ignorance. Cases can be filed, the investigation can be done and surely, no one could stop the making of postmortem report, but the sad fact is that we cannot bring Faizon, back to life. The bleak truth is that the hands of life of an innocent individual are trapped with the hand-cuffs of corruption and careless in the civic-authorities.

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