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RD Burman’s birth anniversary: Do you know what did he ask for from his better half during the first meet?

Today is the birthday of music director RD Burman, who gave Bollywood not one but many iconic songs. He was born on 27 June 1939 in Calcutta to the singer and composer Sachin Dev Burman. RD Burman’s full name is Rahul Dev Burman. Not only this, but RD Burman is also known as Pancham Da. RD Burman has also been in a great discussion about his personal life with his songs. Today we are going to tell you many interesting things related to his life on the special occasion of his birthday.

RD Burman did most of the work in his music career with Kishore Kumar and his wife Asha Bhosle. He composed music for 331 films. Let us tell you that RD Burman had two marriages. He first married his fan in the year 1966, whose name was Rita Patel. The two met in Darjeeling. They also got married in the year 1966. Burman’s marriage did not last long and they were divorced in 1971.

After this, Asha Bhosle came into RD’s life. RD Burman was impressed by Asha Bhosle at first sight. Not only this, but Burman also asked for Asha’s autograph when he met her for the first time. Burman and Asha worked together many times, both loved music and that brought them closer. Asha was 6 years older than RD, but despite this, he proposed Asha for marriage.

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