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‘Prem Naam Hai Mera’ – 90’s favourite villian turns 86.

Prem Chopra (born on 23rd September 1935) is an Indian actor in Hindi and Punjabi films. He has acted in 380 films over a span of his 60-years career. He has a soft spoken diction despite being a villain in most of the films. In his 19 films, with him as antagonist with Rajesh Khanna as a lead role remain popular with audience and critics.

Today he would be turning 86 years old.But he had muted his birthday celebrations due to nationwide COVID pandemic. As he told in an interview “I’ll be celebrating my birthday with my family members .There’ll be a Havan in morning and we’ll get together for lunch and dinner.” Recalling us how things have changed in this pandemic time.

He further says “Earlier I used to have a big birthday bash where all my friends used to come and just enjoy the party. But you can’t have the big parties because of Covid, we are not even allowed to do that. So it’s nice to have a together with only close family members only. Now we just accept the wishes from everybody and hope everyone lives a best life.”

In overall his Bollywood career he earned the position of Bollywood’s most despised villain and he redefined the image of bad guy on the screen with his evergreen dialogue “Prem naam hai mera… Prem Chopra ” etched in mind of many, with onscreen persona.

According to him earlier people couldn’t digest that a villain could play a positive role but when he performed as villain on the screen he changed the definition of villain in people’mind.

He had done many super duper hit movies in his Bollywood career such as Hulchul, Samaj Ko Badal Salona, Shaheed, Who Kon thi? Etc…. .He also many awards for his best performance in his films such as Filmfare Award for Best Supporting actor for movie Do Anjane and many more awards. Thus, his legendary performances would be admired always by his fans.

By Line: Divya Thearia

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